2023 Bathroom Trends You Need to Know About

From mosaic tiling to curvaceous showers to spa-inspired biophilic designs; we’re showcasing the biggest 2023 bathroom trends this year.

Slipping into a hot bath after a long and stressful day is one of life’s simple pleasures. And after a few stress-inducing years at home, it’s no surprise that the bathroom has become the primary spot for indulging in personal downtime and self-care.

Even though it serves a very practical purpose, that doesn’t mean it has to be reserved solely for business. A well-designed bathroom can provide the efficiency you need and the luxury you want whenever you’re looking for some pampering and reprieve. As a room that’s frequented by friends and guests, it also can leave a lasting impression, good or bad.

So, it’s well worth it to spruce it up. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or designer looking to create a blissful, spa-like experience, we share our favorite 2023 bathroom trends below to guide you in creating a serene space you’ll love spending time in.

All-Stone Vanities

Every room needs a focal statement piece that captures the eye and creates visual interest. In the bathroom, the vanity is usually the star of the show. And this year, it’s all about stone and marble. All-stone or marbled vanities in gray, emerald, mauve, and brown tones add an exquisite focal point in the bathroom that invites depth, richness, and a touch of European charm. For a bold refresh, consider swapping out the old vanity for something similar.

Statement Floor Tiling

Unique floor tiling is making a comeback in 2023, and we’re all for it. Complex mosaics, colorful patterns, and other fun designs can transform any dull bathroom, making the floor a statement piece all on its own. And, since the bathroom is typically much smaller than other areas at home, it’s an ideal way to create that ‘wow’ factor without overspending.

Seamless and Curvaceous Showers

Showers integrated seamlessly with the surrounding space are taking over this year, but there are two major variations: curvaceous and straight-edged designs. Curvaceous showers with archways and soft lines follow the increased desire for more organic influences that mimic nature. Whereas straight edgework with frameless glass follows suit with more contemporary styles that prefer clean simplicity.

A well-designed bathroom can make all the difference in setting the tone for how you start and end each day.

Earthy Greens and Peachy Pink Accents

For 2023 bathroom color palettes, trends are moving towards earthy pastels like moss and olive green, terracotta, dusty blues, and peachy pinks. We’re even seeing greater demand for matte-colored faucets. These types of hues are soft, warm, and soothing which is exactly how a bathroom should feel. Just remember to balance color with enough neutrals to maintain a cohesive space that’s easy on the eyes.

Fluted Patterns

In recent years, we’ve seen fluted designs used in the kitchen and bathroom, primarily in glass materials. Today, you can find even more fluted patterns infused into bathroom designs through ceramic tiles, wooden vanities, and accenting walls. Since bathrooms have lots of hard surfaces, this simple detailing bears a lot of visual weight because it helps balance and soften the overall design.

Freestanding Bathtubs

With such a diversity of styles and materials available, homeowners are seeking out free-standing tubs like never before. From clawfoot to oval to rectangular, with the added variety, it’s easier to find one that can fit into a range of styles and floor plans. Whether it’s frosted glass, cultured granite, or enameled steel, a stand-alone tub is a guaranteed way to usher in a genuine spa-like experience at home.

bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub

Floor-to-Wall Ceramics

Rather than using ceramics on a single area like the floor or shower, we’re seeing modern designs that are creating a seamless extension from the floor to walls. Applying ceramic tiles halfway up the wall is another variation that tastefully adds a touch of flair to the bathroom. It’s also a smart strategy for making smaller bathrooms feel more spacious.


bathroom with ceramics tiles on the floor-to-wall

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic designs are what make spas look and feel so relaxing. They use a combination of natural wood, stone, plants, and soft colors to create a tranquil environment. In 2023, expect to see lots of biophilic-inspired bathrooms with plenty of greenery, wood detailing, and organic materials that offer a more visceral connection to nature.

biophilic-inspired bathrooms

A well-designed bathroom can make all the difference in setting the tone for how you start and end each day. And while trends can come and go, these are fantastic ways to inject personality, creativity, and beauty into your bathroom for 2023 and beyond. To find the best ways to refresh and update your space, try HomeByMe’s 3D home design planner. It’s packed with products and materials that can be dragged and dropped into place to create a fully custom design, all in a virtual format. It’s the best way to experiment with ideas and find the right trends to complement your needs, wants, and budget.

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