Christmas Décor Ideas 2021: get a fresh and festive interior for the holidays

Make this holiday season extra special with tips to refresh your Christmas décor, no matter your style.

Feeling the tinge of nostalgia that we adore during the holiday season all starts with decorating the home. And since celebrations were placed on pause over the past year and a half, this year many of us are excited to go all out, Griswold style. While it’s nice to use old-school decorations and family heirlooms, it’s also fun to switch things up and hit the refresh button every once in a while – and there’s no better time than now! If you’re looking for a few unique Christmas décor ideas, 2021 is the year to find a style you love and embrace it. From modern to minimal to country and traditional, discover fresh and exciting ways to dress your home to impress this holiday season.

Christmas Design Ideas with a Modern Twist

Romancing the Home with Dusty Rose

Christmas is a romantic time of year because it summons that magical, festive glow and we get to spend more time with the ones we love. For modern Christmas design ideas that go beyond the standard look, create a holiday style inspired by romance. Nudes, milky whites, and soft pastels like dusty rose are romantic by nature. Together, they convey a delicate balance between sweetness, simplicity and elegance.

You can incorporate these by using an array of monochrome ornaments with both shimmery and matte finishes to add distinction. Place them in a gilded bowl nestled on a linen runner and surrounded by greenery for a bit of depth. For the mantel, tree or banisters, add a mixture of dusty rose Christmas bows with white or beige intertwined. Pale pink flowers can also blend seamlessly with this look while illuminating those delicate rosy tones. Combine these with a few pearly finishes and warm gold for a lustrous, modern look that will swoon you and your guests.

Christmas living room with green wall

Here is a Christmas decor in a contemporary living room.

Christmas House Décor for the Minimalists at Heart

Organic, Clutter-free and Festive

Avid fans of the minimalist interior design might feel apprehensive about cluttering up space with Christmas decorations. But holiday décor can be minimal too and still look beautiful. Even if that means stripping down to the bare essentials, a few little splashes can be just as inviting and festive. Go with subtle pieces of garland nestled around white candlesticks for an elegant centrepiece on the dining room table. For a toned down focal feature, consider neutral stockings or burlap and pinecones on the mantel for an organic sentiment.

Dressing the tree with monochromatic ornaments can also create a cohesive design without feeling overwhelming. Alternatively, forgo the large Christmas tree and place a range of small evergreens in terracotta pots around the home instead. Whether it’s pine, fir or juniper, they’ll create a look that’s wintery and warm. They can also be planted outside after the holidays to keep the clutter at bay. Just make sure to pay attention to texture when assembling the Christmas house décor to prevent the interior from feeling cold or uninviting.

Christmas Decoration Inspiration using Wintery Whites

Country Chic with Hygge-inspired Neutrals 

Here in the US, we love our country style Christmas themes. But like all styles, it can look and feel a little dated over time. For a fresh take on country Christmas decorations, inspiration can be found in the wintery whites all around you to create something fresh, beautiful and welcoming with a touch of sophistication.

To capture a stunning country chic design, combine a medley of those holiday country staples – rustic wood, evergreens, cognac leather and antlers – with hygge-inspired neutrals. Cream, ivory, crisp white, and even champagne can look sumptuous when paired alongside these richer tones and textures. To infuse coziness and warmth, use soft animal skins, plush knitted blankets, and lots of candles for a polished take on the country Christmas style.

Dining room with Christmas decoration

Christmas table with neutral tones

Traditional Christmas Decorations Inspired by Nature

Wintery Forest at Twilight

Embracing the solace that nature offered over the past year has made us all appreciate it a lot more. As such, decorating the home to resemble a serene winter forest at twilight is one of the most popular holiday décor trends we’re in love with this year. It plays into the nostalgic theme with traditional Christmas decorations, but with more emphasis on using earthy tones and rustic elements. Take a stroll through parks and trails near you for naturally inspiring pieces to swap out false holiday décor. Look for fresh cedar or fir boughs, pinecones, chestnuts, birch branches, tree bark or twigs of red dogwood for a vibrant burst of color. These will not only look great, but they’ll infuse the interior with fresh aromas that will smell incredible.

Then combine these elements with the classic red and green color combo. You could create an arrangement with birch branches and winter foliage to place beside the front door. Deck the mantel with woodsy evergreens and strands of chestnuts. Or hang pinecones with classic ornaments using red ribbon for a natural and festive window display. For a truly authentic atmosphere, choose a real Christmas tree flocked with snow spray and golden lights to capture that magical, wintery forest scene. Gathering festive foliage from green spaces all around you is a simple and fun way to get creative and even start a new tradition.

Christmas is all about celebrating light and love. And embellishing our interiors with festive decorations is how we invite light inside to help brighten our homes and hearts during the dark winter season. This year, create a unique holiday design by finding a look that feels uplifting with our HomeByMe, 3D design software that lets you customize your vision. Whether you enjoy modern, minimal or nostalgic, there’s unlimited potential when it comes to being creative during the holidays.

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