Best Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2022 to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

From vintage glamor to rustic woodland to farmhouse chic, find out how to incorporate any of these top trending Christmas themes that have us yearning for the festive season this year.

Christmas Decor Ideas 2022

Ushering in the holidays starts with decorating the home, and after a few years of change and uncertainty, we’re ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Since Christmas is all about connecting with family and friends, your holiday home decor is what sets the stage for capturing those magical moments together.

While it’s always exciting to dust off the old, nostalgic decorations, it’s also fun to jazz up the home with some current trends to embrace new beginnings. Create a warm, cozy, and cheerful ambiance with some refreshing new takes on classic holiday decor. Discover the top trending Christmas decoration ideas for 2022 below.

Whether you love to keep things simple and contemporary or march to your own drum with bold pops of color, we’ve rallied up the most popular color trends and Christmas decor ideas for 2022 to dress up your home for the holidays.

Top 3 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2022

Here are the trendiest Christmas tree decorating ideas in 2022 to inspire your theme this year.

Vintage Glamor with Burnished Brass

The vintage Christmas theme is back and bigger than ever. To showcase your love of the roaring ‘20s, lean into hues of blue, silver, and brass for a dainty and dapper look. Layer different shades of blue like navy, cobalt and turquoise to keep it fresh but subtle.

To evoke some timeless elegance from this era, make sure to weave in notes of burnished metals like brass bells, candleholders, ribbons, and other antiquated trinkets. Bring it all together with simple strands of green garland strung around the home for textural contrast that will compliment your glamorous decor.

Wintry Woodland with Earthy Tones

Wintry woodland is all about stripping back to embrace organic and earthy elements. To create an enchanting forest theme in your home, use nature-inspired colors and materials. Choose a real potted evergreen as your main tree and adorn it with wooden ornaments, paper baubles, and red ribbons for a touch of color.

Alternatively, place mini evergreens wrapped in burlap around the home with soft string lights for a serene display that’s minimal and modern. DIY Christmas pots and wreaths are also a fun way to get festive while using materials from your local trails, woodlands, or your favorite spots in nature. Integrating deep greens, navy blues, and iridescent touches will work exquisitely to create a magical woodland backdrop for your get-togethers this year.

Farmhouse Chic with Plaid and Neutrals

Farmhouse interiors are renowned for feeling inviting and cozy in an easy-going, nonchalant way. To capture this sentiment in your home, decorate with rustic wood, leather, antlers, and colorful red plaid.

Heighten the coziness with neutral tones like champagne, crisp white, or ivory. For a chic and luxe take on this classic Christmas style, accent your home with faux furs, chunky cable knits, and plenty of candles.

Fireplace in a wooden loft with Christmas decorations

Our Favorite Christmas Decorating Ideas in 2022

Looking for inspiring ways to highlight the beauty of the season? Try these simple Christmas decorating ideas for 2022 that will make a big statement with minimal effort.

Asymmetrical Garland on the Mantle

Hanging garland on the mantel is a focal feature in many homes during the holidays. To modernize this look, hang it asymmetrically.

This creates an eye-catching effect as the garland sweeps across the top of the mantle and down along one side of the fireplace. It’s a simple tweak that adds a uniquely modern twist to freshen up yet another classic Christmas decoration.

Vintage Bells

Among the biggest holiday trends this year are vintage brass bells. The antiquated detailing infuses a level of warmth and character that you just can’t get with modern trinkets. Use vintage-style bells for the tree, banisters, or wreaths. Or opt for cascading sets to hang beside your stockings.

Velvet Ribbons and Throws

In light of the vintage glamor theme, there’s a distinct yearning for velvet this year. People are swooning over this endearing and sumptuous material, not only for its familiarity, but also for the rich pop of color it adds throughout the home.

Use velvety ribbons in greens, deep blues, and reds for the entranceway, to wrap festive books in for tabletop displays, or add velvet throws to your couch and bedroom.

Paper Baubles

Paper decorations are finding their way back into the mainstream holiday trends due to their versatility, affordability, and eco-friendliness. Paper chains, paper stars, and baubles are fun DIY crafts that can be done with the kids as a fun family activity together.

Once they’re done, use twine to string them together and hang them up in a window, doorway or on the tree along with string lights to illuminate your homemade creations.

Make your home look meaningful and modern this year by integrating any of these top Christmas decoration ideas for 2022.

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