This year’s summer trends for a heavenly home

Make your place the center of attention this summer with these fresh, fun, and feel-good interior design trends that will help you savor the warmer weather from the comfort of home.

Let’s be real – no season beckons us to refresh our interior and exterior spaces more than summer. After trudging through the dreary winter, the warm breeze and abundance of sunshine just seem to spark an innate desire for change. That’s why it’s the best time of year to reassess your home decor and try something different.

This year, we’re seeing plenty of new colors, shapes, and textures emerge, but the biggest emphasis is on mood. During these uncertain times, people are gravitating towards designs and decor that are steeped in nostalgia and well-being. From vintage accents to sustainability to slow living sanctuaries that promote self-care, we’re seeing a blend of classic styles being reimagined with tones and textures that achieve a modern look.

Together, this underscores a deeper yearning that many of us have to be more mindful of how we treat ourselves and our planet when it comes to decorating the places where we live. Find out which interior design trends are heating up this summer 2023.

Tropical Prints and Patterns

Tropical prints and patterns are making a comeback this summer, bringing a splash of paradise home. Think palm trees, pineapples, and other exotic motifs that can enhance a room with a sense of delight. These prints and patterns can be incorporated through pillows, throws, area rugs, or for those who want to go all in – accent wallpaper.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture are popular choices for summer interior designs in 2023. These materials are lightweight, durable, and add natural texture to the home. Wicker and rattan can be used in a variety of ways, from side chairs to coffee tables to poofs, stools, and even bed frames. Aside from adding an airy element to the room, these materials can also be used outside on the patio, making it convenient when entertaining or when you want to enjoy those balmy summer nights. With its centuries-old weaving technique and organic textures, wicker offers a delightful way to infuse warmth and character into the living spaces of your home. From a coastal-inspired oasis to a bohemian retreat to a classic and inviting atmosphere, wicker seamlessly adapts to a diverse range of interior styles. If you are curious about this material, discover the beauty of this age-old craftsmanship and uncover how it can elevate your home’s design in 10 Unique Ways to Use Wicker in Your Home Design by Redfin.

Vintage Accents and Statement Pieces

Vintage accents and statement pieces are bigger than ever this year. Whether it’s antique lamps or consoles, retro-style sconces, vintage vases, or old trunks used as coffee tables, classic pieces such as these can infuse character and charm into your home. Some great ways to source vintage gems are through thrift store finds, local artisan shops, or by repurposing old pieces you already own.

Whimsical Details

There’s been a steady increase in whimsical details throughout the interior design world, giving an ode to styles from the 70s and 80s. We’re seeing a throwback with more tassels, fluting, scalloped edges, ruffles, decorative toe kicks, and even wallpapered boarders. These types of details are a great way to have fun and usher in more joy and personality into the home. If you feel like your space has been lacking character, consider embellishing the home with one or two of these elements.

Decorative and Colored Glass

Forget about using plain old boring glass. Colorful and decorative pieces reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s are taking over, just in time for the summer. These styles often have pink, blue, and green tones embedded into the glass with ornate designs – perfect for savoring sunny summer days with your favorite beverage. Decorative, colored glass can be used in window panes, as wall partitions, or in minor details like kitchenware. Ribbed glass is also set to be huge this year, along with colored cabinet doors and stained-glass features.

Walnut and Chestnut Wood

One macro trend that has been at the center of design for the past while is an emphasis on wood. In addition to creating a sense of well-being and safety, it’s a natural material that can make a space feel soothing and cozy. Hence why we’re noticing a transition that’s moving away from the all-white styled interiors. Slightly darker tones are becoming most popular such as rich walnut and chestnut, including in unexpected places like the kitchen and bathroom.

Brown as the Summer Color of Choice

It might make some people turn up their noses, however, brown is a very versatile color that can look beautiful when used in the right ways. Deep, rich, and muddy variations with undertones of red and gray are best to use for warmth and elegance. Like all earthy hues, brown is innately grounding as it reasserts our connection to nature, underscoring those feel-good vibes that so many of us want to achieve with modern home designs. Invite rich tones of brown into the home through upholstery, woven light fixtures, textiles, paint, or artwork.

Embracing Slow Living with Greenery

There’s an influx of biophilic designs popping up in home design which is based on promoting a sense of slow living through the use of greenery. Plants, along with organic shapes and textures, help to create calming environments, and these days, they’re being used to foster a slower pace at home that allows us to disconnect and feel more present.

Plants can add a sense of freshness, reprieve, and luxury, making them ideal to use as decor just about anywhere. Create a spa-inspired bathroom with a variety of hanging plants in macrame holders or use large potted varieties to add a colorful and dynamic element to a bare corner. Make sure to choose baskets and plant holders that work in cohesion with the surrounding decor.

Gathering ideas to renew your home decor for the summer is always a fun process, but when it’s time to purchase and apply those ideas in reality, it can be easier said than done. What if your favorite motif wallpaper or shade of brown ends up clashing with the rest of the home?

Thankfully, rather than wasting time and money on something that won’t look good, 3D software lets you illustrate endless ideas to see exactly how each element will appear. Whether it’s for your home or a client, use HomeByMe’s innovative 3D floor planner to find the best colors, materials, and furnishings to create a rejuvenated interior for the summer.

With virtual walkthroughs, panoramic views, brand name products, and countless customizable features, there’s never been an easier way to feel reassured when it comes to sprucing up the home.

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