Modern Style

Crisp, clean lines, a sense of space and order, integrated with warm, inviting spaces define modern decor.

What is modern home decor?

This look fuses with stylish comfort with a hint of the mid-century. Modern home decor invites you to explore the simplistic and spacious interior from the moment you step through the door.

  • Entranceway – there’s no room for clutter here. A modern entrance is tidy with a place for everything. Floating shelves for keys, sleek cupboards to hide coats and shoes, and large mirrors to enhance the space all contribute to the first impression.
  • Living room – mid-century modern interior design reigns here. Create a harmonious look with large modular sofas, a statement coffee table, soft colors, and state-of-the-art wall lighting.
  • Kitchen – a modern kitchen is a pleasure to prepare meals in. Handleless cupboards maintain a smooth flow, a kitchen island is a perfect workspace, practical feature lighting dominates, and not a cookie tin or mug is in sight.
  • Dining room – whether light or dark wood, glass or monochrome, the key feature in a modern dining room is the table and chairs. Add to this a simple fruit platter, hanging spotlights, and of course family and friends, and you’ve got an impressive place to entertain.
  • Bedroom – a modern bedroom is chic and cozy. The bed is the focus, with a dramatic headboard and quality bedlinen in tonal colors. Add stylish nightstands, dramatic lamps, a ceiling fan, and simple window dressings and you’ve got a modern bedroom to die for. And for the ultimate in modern luxury, a walk-in closet or dressing room is a must.
  • Bathroom – a modern bathroom is the ultimate in luxury. Whether a master bathroom or a family bathroom, the modern look shows off pendant lighting, striking bathroom furniture, a walk-in shower, textured wall and floor finishes, and minimal accessories.
  • Staircase – a feature staircase delivers the ultimate finishing touch to any modern home. Whether hand-crafted from solid wood, open or spiral, the staircase should be bold and eye-catching.Modern house decor- the natural look

The modern color palette combines earthy colors with neutrals and soft tones. Injections of color using modern accessories uplift the monochrome effect.

Nature also influences modern house decor, with an emphasis on natural materials and light to breathe life into any room.

Walls can be natural brick, windows large and unadorned, and furniture and flooring crafted from reclaimed wood, to respect sustainable living.

Modern room decor – open plan living

Open plan living encompasses airy, open spaces that allow natural light to flood the room.

From attic apartments to contemporary beach houses, open-plan living allows communication and interaction. Add a stylish screen for privacy, to separate a sleeping area or home office, and still maintain the flow of the room.

A kitchen diner is a perfect way to use the open-plan look in modern room decor. The kitchen, dining room, and living room all merge to create a space that allows for easy living and creates an instant family room. The key here is balance, each zone should be functional and harmonize with the overall perception of the area.

For busy families, a play area incorporated into an open plan living area is the perfect way to keep an eye on the kids while you’re preparing meals or working.

Which leads to the subject of modern living and home working. As this concept becomes more common many of us find ourselves working from home on the edge of the kitchen table or at a desk in the bedroom. Open plan living can solve this with the addition of a workspace in the corner of the living room or kitchen.

If you’re not sure if open plan living will suit your lifestyle and the available space, why not experiment with a 3D space planning program? You can knock down walls, place furniture, and create living areas at the touch of a button.

How to add modern home accessories that work together?

If you’re not ready for a home remodel there are plenty of home accessories you can incorporate into your current layout to style your home with the modern look. Modern decor home accents are about working with a blank canvas and adding stunning accessories. Let these ideas inspire you!

  • groups of colored vases as a centerpiece
  • single orchids or tall grasses for a touch of nature
  • large wall clocks to make a bold statement
  • sculptures as decorative objects for shelves
  • pillows and throws for texture and comfort in the family room
  • wall lighting and mirrors to reflect light and open up spaces
  • lacquered boxes as a coffee table feature

Modern design – cool and contemporary

The modern decor concept creates a uniform style that is uncluttered and simple yet delivers a sense of the unexpected.

If you want to experiment with colors and furniture before you give your home the modern vibe a home planner can help you explore this style.

You can set a blueprint move things round as you wish until you’re happy with the layout.

There’s nothing like a touch of modern design to elevate your home and showcase your interior design skills.

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