Hollywood Regency Style

Glam decor is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication – fill your home with timeless pieces and add glitz and glamor to create a touch of class.

Reflect your passion for 1930s Hollywood Regency decor and follow our ideas on how to use glam decor to tastefully dress any room. From the bedroom to the living room or the dining room, this style adds the wow-factor.

What is the Hollywood Regency style?

The 1930s were known as the Golden Age. This was a time of growth and prosperity, and how better to show off success and interior design skills than with glam home decor? Adopted by many actors and movie producers, the Hollywood Regency style brought luxury living to the forefront of this classic era.

Blended with the French Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s this style makes a statement. It encompasses a stunning collaboration of colors, materials and patterns and is easy to recreate in any modern-day home.

Think cool and inviting pastels, gold and silver accents, black lacquer finishes, sequins, tassels, padding, animal prints and geometrics. The Hollywood Regency style projects drama combined with simplicity.

If you’re really brave you could try painting or wallpapering the ceiling or one wall with stripes, florals or a stunning geometric pattern.

How to create the Hollywood glam look?

We’ll give you some ideas to make your home unique and stylish by incorporating the Hollywood glam style, but how do you pull the look together? You could try a room design program before you invest any time or money in your Hollywood Regency project. This will allow you to view the room in 3D before you make any changes.

Explore your creative side and try out your interior design skills with some glam living room ideas. Texture and tone are the keys to building the style and create depth and dimension.

Combine different plush fabrics on the sofa, chairs, curtains, and rugs, in creams, pale pinks, mint green, gray and pale yellow to add variation to the room.

Add splashes of metallic finishes and colors to communicate decadence.

A marble fireplace is a perfect feature for this look. Set an ornate mirror above it and place elaborate candlesticks in front of it to reflect the light.

And what about glam decor in the dining room? The focal point of any dining room is the dining table and chairs. Choose a glass or wooden table, a sideboard in a contrasting material and color, striking velvet padded or fabric-covered chairs, gold or silver place settings and a mid-century style center light above the table.

Hollywood Regency furniture – the classics

The secret to choosing Hollywood Regency furniture to create the glam decor vibe is to combine classic pieces without over-cluttering the room. Sofas should be light-colored, plain, and comfortable. Upright chairs in animal prints or soft shades add contrast. Pull the look together with accessories such as patterned pillows or crystal vases.

Need some Hollywood Regency style ideas for your interior design project? These pieces capture the essence of this period:

  • a glass and metal coffee table, ideally with wood inlays
  • an ornately carved wooden headboard
  • fabric-covered winged back chairs in soft colors
  • a classic dark wood dining table
  • a chaise long – the ultimate in luxury

Add to this a combination of eclectic accessories to create the ultimate Hollywood Regency vibe:

  • a chandelier as a focal point
  • velvet and sequined throws
  • a faux fur bean bag
  • mirrors and prints in geometric frames
  • animal print rugs
  • large lamps with marble bases and plain shades

Glam bedroom ideas to inspire you

Your bedroom is a haven to relax and unwind in. If you love the lavish Hollywood Regency look then the bedroom is the perfect place to introduce glam bedroom ideas.

Celebrate the bed – the focal point of the room. We suggest a wooden headboard above, but fabric or leather work just as well to create chic-style glam decor. Bed linen should be luxurious and opulent – what could be better than burying yourself in a mountain of elegant textiles at the end of the day?

A collection of pillows with bead and metallic adornments or geometric patterns will complete the look.

Curtains should be lavish and heavy, with swathes of fabric to convey a sense of intimacy and privacy.

If you’re really brave you could try painting or wallpapering the ceiling or one wall with stripes, florals or a stunning geometric pattern.

Glossy finishes also glitz up any glam bedroom. Why not unleash your creativity and try painting or lacquering old furniture to glam it up? Good taste is the objective – use blacks, whites, and grays for understated elegance.

For the finished touch, mirrored nightstands set a contrast with the soft furnishings.

Nothing has to match in this style, but the pieces should complement each other and capture the mood of this affluent era. Celebrate the glam decor style and inject the sumptuous into your day-to-day living.

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