Glam bathroom decor – The ultimate in Luxury

Your bathroom should be warm and welcoming. There are no rules when it comes to creating glam bathroom decor. Let your imagination run wild and make your bathroom a delightful place to pamper yourself.

What are the latest glam bathroom decor trends?

Say goodbye to clinical cold tiles and boring bathrooms. It’s time to step up the glam bathroom decor game and design a bathroom you won´t want to leave. With your love of interior design and our ideas, you can create the gorgeous bathroom of your dreams.

Black and white are trending at the moment, whether for tiles, floors, or shades. Some of the most stunning black and white decor ideas we’ve come across are:

  •       a completely black tiled bathroom
  •       white tiles with black grout
  •       white walls with a black edging
  •       black door frames and black-edged shower screens
  •       a black bath
  •       chequerboard floor tiling
  •       black towel rails and fittings


A black and white Glma bathroom decor with a bathtub

A beautiful black and white Glam bathroom with a bathtub.

What are the best materials for a glam bathroom decor?

Marble is a popular choice when it comes to glam bathroom decor ideas and gives a sense of timeless elegance. Cool, stylish, and practical, white marble can make a bathroom feel more spacious, while black promotes sophistication. We love marble with embedded gold flecks – the ultimate in glam bathroom decor.

Add to this a touch of warmth and make a statement with gold, brass, or copper faucets, sinks and fittings.

Furniture in the bathroom is another trend, making it a place to spend time in rather than a room to pay a quick visit. Chests, chairs, small tables, and freestanding shelves all make the bathroom more inviting.

Glam bathroom decor ideas to inspire you

Glam bathroom decor ideas are all about combining function with aesthetics. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or updating it, the result should be a practical space that fuses glam decor details with the essentials of modern living.

A glam bathroom is all about harmony and choosing the right accessories to complement the main colors and design. Here are some glam bathroom decor ideas to inspire you:

  •       mirror, mirror… hang big, shiny mirrors for impact
  •       be brave with color – combine black faucets with yellow tiles (or be more adventurous and use yellow faucets and black tiles)
  •       step outside the box and hang a chandelier in your bathroom
  •       go glam with gold accessories (mirrors, pictures, vases, plant pots, handles)
  •       fit recessed lighting for a neat, chic look
  •       install a vanity with storage for all your toiletries
  •       place a comfortable chair in a corner or a stool next to the vanity
  •       put in a claw-foot or freestanding tub
  •       fit a bench in a walk-in shower
  •       use contrasting towels in blacks, whites, and golds

Each idea will give your bathroom an individual feel and add an element of interest.

If you’ve got an eye for interior design, and you want to see what your plans look like before you put them in place why not try a 3D room design program before you start?

A beautiful example of an open Glam bathroom with a luxury shower

A beautiful example of an open Glam bathroom with a luxury shower

Bathroom glam decor for the powder room

Let’s not forget the powder room or guest bathroom when it comes to adding bathroom glam decor. This is usually the smallest room in the house and takes its name from the 18thcentury powder room, where people traditionally went to re-powder their wigs. Hence the expression ‘I’m going to powder my nose’ when we visit the bathroom.

History aside, the powder room is easy to glam up with a mirror, wallpaper, smart accessories, lighting, and a key item of the times – a posh soap dispenser.


There are no rules for glam bathroom decor. It’s up to you how much of a statement you want to make.

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