Inspiring modern bedroom decor for decorate your own!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can escape and relax. And spacious modern bedroom looks, with no clutter and clean simple lines, are key to getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for modern bedroom decor ideas and want to try out your design flair, read on…

Modern bedroom decor ideas – start with the bed

The bed is the focal point of any modern bedroom and can have a metal or wood frame that echoes the sleek lines of the other furniture in a modern bedroom.

One of the latest trends in modern bedroom decor ideas is the platform bed. With its low-slung base and minimalist look, the platform bed is symbolic of a modern bedroom. Its elegant style suits any room and adds a sense of space. The solid base is lower than a standard bed, doesn´t need a box spring mattress, and is ideal for a memory foam mattress.

There are plenty of platform bed bedroom ideas  – with a surround, integrating under-bed storage, upholstered, solid wood, metal-framed… but the one thing they all have in common is the definition they bring to a modern bedroom.

Modern room decor ideas to create a luxury space

This style affords no fussy trinkets or busy prints. Everything is sharp, simple, and to the point in modern room decor  ideas. A modern bedroom uplifts and invites and is a pleasure to spend time in.

The secret is the clever use of minimalism combined with features that accentuate this style’s individuality. From small side table decorating ideas to graceful illumination, the modern bedroom makes a statement.

Modern bedroom decor looks define the ethos of functional living combined with comfort.

Master bedroom with a modern style

What are the most popular modern bedroom looks?

Here are 10 common modern bedroom looks to try:

  1.     Scandinavian – a light and airy feel to convey peace and tranquility and the character of the Scandi style. The color palette mixes white with pale color accents and bursts of wood.
  2.     Mid-century – natural materials, straight edges, and a two color combination for bedroom walls reflect the mid-century look.
  3.     Modern rustic – one of the simplest modern bedroom ideas. A marriage of whitewashed furniture, and restful tones interspersed with eye-catching accessories such as metal lamp bases, plants, and neutral rugs create a relaxing environment.
  4.     Hotel sophistication – warm backlights, floating nightstands, and cool, crisp bed linen are reminiscent of a luxury hotel room in this modern bedroom decor look.
  5.     Ultra-modern – the curves and straight lines of modern bedroom decor accessories such as vases and sculptures add interest, and sit together alongside a textured headboard and warm wooden flooring.  
Beautiful modern bedroom with some black touch

6.    Dark and cozy – this style breaks the color palette rules. Distinct dark feature walls, chic angled furniture, and rich colored bed linen all create a sense of modern elegance.

7.    Modern glamor – black, white, and gray feature in a modern glamor bedroom. Sumptuous pillows, throws, and fabrics break up the monotone feel and add a touch of luxury. Complete the look with elegant wall lights – the best wall sconces for the bedroom are adjustable and perfect for late-night reading.

8.    Mediterranean – a white backdrop with shades of cool blue and green evokes warm days in the sun. A whitewashed floor (or tiles for a warm climate), simple shades or shutters to allow natural light to flood in, and a ceiling fan complete the modern bedroom decor look.

9.    Monochrome – perfect for minimalists, a single-color bedroom feels spacious and clean. Add modern bedroom light fixtures and a pair of luxury modern accent chairs to pull the monochrome effect together.

10.   Back to nature – bring the outdoors in with the natural look. A bedroom with a fantastic view doesn’t need curtains, shades for privacy will suffice. Natural wood bedroom furniture, a simple vase of greenery, and large prints depicting outdoor scenes create a fresh and serene feel.

From an eye-catching bed to modern table lamps for bedroom interest and arty prints – you deserve a beautiful bedroom.

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