Declutter to create a stunning minimalist bedroom

Imagine sleeping well each night and waking fresh and ready to start the day. You’re more likely to have a restful and refreshing sleep in a calm, clutter-free minimalist bedroom. This simple bedroom style is easy to create and follows the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

What are the key elements of a minimalist room?

If you’re an interior designer, you’ll know that the minimalist style embraces clean lines and balance.

There are no fussy accessories, fabrics, or nick-knacks in a minimalist room. It’s chic and inviting and only displays the essentials. Yet the space still feels welcoming, not stark, and encourages you to spend time relaxing. A clever minimalist designer ties the look together by adding eye-catching elements for visual interest that don’t overpower the room.

The minimalist look starts with the color palettes to reflect the soothing vibe. Whilst pales and pastels are out for this look, neutral hues of white, cream, or gray offer serenity and bring cohesion.

The minimalist room designed for dramatic simplicity adds a pop of color to an accent wall to create a statement. The key is to balance the look and use plain, sophisticated colors. Think black and white, jade, mustard, or navy blue. 

A home design app is a useful way to play with colors and textures to achieve a professional result. The idea is to create a room that feels like it’s been put together effortlessly when in reality it’s been cleverly planned to achieve the minimalist look.

white minimalist bedroom with Etsy paintings and green touches

White minimalist bedroom with touches of green.

What’s the key to well-designed minimalist bedroom ideas?

If you’re searching for minimalist bedroom ideas the secret is to keep things plain and add texture and hints of color to bring warmth.

Furniture should be basic – a simple bed frame, nightstands, and drawers are enough. If you’re working with a larger room then a chaise longue or modern chair can keep the room in proportion. Avoid ornamental furniture with ornate embellishments, instead select clean lines that blend with the style.

The platform bed is a popular choice for a bedroom decorated in the minimalist style as it draws the eye but doesn´t overpower the room. Fresh white bedding with a plain throw or a few cushions in a deep color gives contrast to liven up the white backdrop.

The floor should be a neutral color to create a seamless flow through the room. A light-colored wooden floor captures the essence of the minimalist bedroom designed to soothe and relax. If you choose carpet, select a plain color that doesn´t detract from the simplicity of the room.

white minimalist bedroom with brown touches

White minimalist bedroom with touches of brown.

How do I add the finishing touches to a modern minimalist bedroom?

A large bold piece of artwork lends an interesting touch to the minimalist modern bedroom and makes an impact on a neutral-colored wall. Try adding a spotlight to highlight the artwork and make it a feature.

A single sculpture or a large vase can serve as bedroom features to adorn a surface. They should stand alone and not be surrounded by bedroom clutter like jewelry, creams, or makeup – keep these out of sight.

A spectacular large plant in a plain pot can also lift the room and invite a natural feel. As well as adding visual beauty plants are good for your health as they freshen the air. 

Lighting is also a key feature in the modern minimalist bedroom. Wall sconces above the nightstands save on space, and a pendant light in a modern design can add extra light when it’s needed. Another idea is to use track lighting along an accent wall to decorate the space.

minimalist industrial bedroom white, black and grey

Black and white minimalist bedroom.

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