How to Design a Studio Apartment?

Example of a cozy studio apartment
  • Create and view your floor plan in 2D and 3D

  • Furnish your floor plan with brand-name products

  • Take a virtual walkthrough of your final design

With micro-living on the rise, there are many options available to maximize small open spaces. See how you can expand your studio apartment and transform it into a wonderful home with the help of 3D technology.

Despite the size, you can make a studio apartment feel inviting and homey with the right touches. A detailed floor plan can help you figure out how to extend the physical proximity of your apartment by using the space wisely. Below, we dish out our top design ideas, space-saving tips, and show you how to create a studio apartment design using a free home layout tool.

How to Create Studio Apartment Designs in 3D

There are countless possibilities for creating a studio apartment that meets your needs and standards if you design it thoughtfully. Using the space efficiently is the top priority, which can be simple to do with the help of a floor planner. Here’s how you can devise detailed studio apartment designs in 3D using the HomeByMe tool.

Design your Studio Apartment in 3 steps


1 Insert Measurements to Form a 2D Visual Diagram

First off, you’ll need the measurements of your studio apartment to make sure your 2D and 3D floor plans are exact replicas of your place.

Form the outline of your apartment by drawing the walls, windows, and doors, as well as architectural components or fixed items such as the fridge and stove.

Set and edit the measurements as you draw each component.


2 Add Paint, Furniture and Décor to Make it Feel Like Home

After developing the 2D outline of your apartment, you can get started on designing it in 3D. In the HomeByMe catalog, you can source furniture, paint, flooring, decorations, and accessories.

Just click, add, and drag items around to see how they fit or work within your 3D studio apartment floor plan. With a range of brand names and generic products, you can try out as many items as you like to determine the ideal way to arrange your studio.

Got a particular style in mind? Simply filter your options to discover products based on the style you want.


3 Save, Share, and Step Inside Your 3D Apartment to Tour It

When you’ve finished designing, you can save it, share it, and print 360° photos so you can keep a detailed visual aid when you want to implement your plans in real life.

To get a genuine impression of your layout and design, you can alter your viewpoint and step inside it. Move around your virtual apartment using augmented reality to scope it out before you make any concrete decisions.

It’s an excellent way to feel certain that it’s the right setup for your needs and lifestyle.


Example of a studio apartment done with homebyme

Studio Apartment Design Ideas for Creating Separate Spaces

Not sure how to create some separation within your studio? It’s one of the most common challenges for small open floor plans. Here are our best studio apartment design ideas to help you create distinct zones in your place.

Use Curtains to Separate the Bed Zone

Curtains are ideal for creating privacy, texture, warmth, and a definite divide between certain areas. Hang curtains towards the foot of your bed to block it off or to encompass it entirely if you have enough room. Curtains can also be used to tuck away areas that may appear cluttered. If you want to preserve as much natural light as possible in your apartment, opt for translucent sheers.

Define Seating Areas with Rugs and Artwork

Another simple way to anchor different zones within an open space is by using rugs and artwork. Place them in your sitting or lounging area to add definition and some color and texture.

Create Division with Open Bookshelves

Open or closed shelving units are frequently used in micro-homes to create division between living and sleeping areas. Depending on your studio layout, you could place one at the end or side of the bed. Even a small bookshelf can offer enough offer distinction between these two zones. Open shelving units are a great choice since they won’t reduce the level of natural light in your apartment, and they give you extra storage options.

Design of a studio apartment with neutral tones

Design Studio Apartment Ideas for Couples

Without doors and walls, sharing a studio with another person can be tough. But it is entirely possible to create a wonderful home with enough personal space, privacy, and storage for both. Check out these design studio apartment ideas for smart saving solutions that can make it work.

Create Personal Spaces at Opposite Ends

When you’re sharing a small space with a partner, some separation is necessary. Try to carve out two separate spaces on opposite ends of your apartment. Use curtains or a bookshelf as mentioned above, to create enough privacy. This way, each of you can have some personal space when you need it.

Use Modular Furniture and Flexible Surfaces

Flexible surfaces and furniture are crucial for maximizing studio apartments. Choose a table that can also be used as a workstation or surface for game night. And consider modular furniture, like a couch, which can be easily adjusted to provide extra seating whenever you have guests or family visiting.

Use Vertical Storage

If you’re struggling with storage options, take advantage of vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and shelving units can offer plenty of options to contain your belongings in an organized manner. Don’t forget to consider using the space above cupboards and bookshelves too.

There’s a major emphasis on efficiency when planning a smaller living space. You need to make every inch of your apartment serve a purpose, whether it’s for sleeping, lounging, cooking, or entertaining. Try HomeByMe today to see how you can turn your studio apartment design into a comfortable and cozy home.


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