How to Layout a Studio Apartment?

  • Create and view your floor plan in 2D and 3D

  • Furnish your floor plan with brand-name products

  • Take a virtual walkthrough of your final design

Size doesn’t have to limit the design potential of an interior. Discover how to create the ultimate studio apartment below.

Even if you’re limited to a couple hundred square feet, there are lots of ways you can setup a studio apartment layout to get the most out of it.

All it takes are strategic and creative tricks to utilize the space in a smart and aesthetically pleasing way. To visualize how different layouts will work or not work in your apartment, try the free floor planner, HomeByMe.

In this online tool, you can effortlessly customize every inch of your interior to develop a setup that feels sophisticated and organized. Learn how to make the most of what you have so you can create a space that you’ll feel proud of.

Plan a Small Studio Apartment Layout with the HomeByMe Tool

Using every inch of a small studio apartment layout is hard to do when you have to imagine it or guess. HomeByMe was created for this reason. It’s a free floor planning tool that gives you the means to plan and figure out how to arrange your apartment in a smart and sensible way.

Learn how to prioritize your space, arrange each piece of furniture, and decorate it in 3 quick steps.


Main steps to decorate your Studio Apartment:


1 Input the Size and Shape of Your Studio Apartment

Customize the shape of your apartment floor plan by using automated room shapes, and then specify the dimensions based on your actual apartment size.

You can insert the doors and windows and add in any partitioning walls between the kitchen and living room if they exist.


2 Design and Furnish It

In the HomeByMe planner, use the catalog to browse through the assortment of furniture and décor. You can click and add whatever items you want into your virtual apartment layout.

Choose features that represent furnishings you already have or add new pieces that you want so you can decide where to place them.

In this tool, you can play around with every element, from the color palette on the walls to the living room accents.

Measure to see what will fit in your square footage and how you can use your space to its fullest potential. Whether your style is industrial, modern, vintage or boho, you’ll find it accessible here.


3 Take an Interactive Tour and Save It

With a realistic rendering of your virtual layout, you don’t have to just envision it. Step into your design to discover how your setup will feel once it’s applied in your actual apartment.

Move your avatar through to whether the furniture is too large for the setup, or if there’s a better way to arrange items to improve the circulation in your interior.

When you’ve landed on a layout that works for you, save pics so you can refer to it again and implement your ideas into reality whenever you’re ready.

Studio Apartment Layout Ideas

Transform your place into a cozy and inviting home with these studio apartment layout ideas.

Prioritize the Layout Based on Your Activities

Before determining your layout, think about what’s most important for you. If it’s indulging in binge-watching sessions with friends, focus on your living room zone and see how you can maximize it. If you love to cook, consider sacrificing an item or two so you can add a small kitchen island when you want to whip up gourmet meals for yourself or others.

Use Bookshelves to Divide Your Space

Turning a studio apartment into an impressive setup is entirely possible with a few tricks. For example, a bookshelf is a smart way to divide your space and add a visual element to it. Use a block style bookshelf to create a bit of visual distance between the bedroom area and your living area. This will also let you display some décor and double up as storage.

Use the Foot of the Bed

Utilize the foot of the bed to add extra seating, storage, or a small desk. It’s practical way to use this neglected area while adding more segregation between your living and sleeping sections.

Play around with these different ideas in the HomeByMe floor planner to determine what will work in your apartment.


Studio Apartment Layouts That Feel Grown Up

For sophisticated studio apartment layouts that exude those “grown-up” vibes, think about implementing these simple tips.

Choose Low-Profile Mid-Century Furniture

Sleek, slim, mid-century furniture is typically best suited for smaller spaces since it helps to visually expand what you have. The low-profile designs generally have slender legs that are aren’t too high from the ground. This creates just enough distance between the floor and makes the ceiling appear slightly higher.

Try out mid-century furnishing by navigating to the catalog in the HomeByMe planner toolbar.

Use a White Palette

To create an open, airy ambience within your apartment, opt for a simple palette of gallery white or something similar. This will disperse any light throughout your space, making it appear brighter and bigger.

Keep the Layout Fluid

When purchasing furniture, consider adding versatile pieces that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, a vintage trunk can house your knick knacks inside and serve as a striking coffee table.

Define what your ideal studio apartment layout looks like with the help of the HomeByMe online planning tool. There are endless ways you can configure your setup. And the best part is you can try as many new ideas as you like. Start using HomeByMe today to turn your apartment into a place that feels like home.


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  • Create and view your floor plan in 2D and 3D

  • Furnish your floor plan with brand-name products

  • Take a virtual walkthrough of your final design

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