What is a Studio apartment floor plan and How to Make It?

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  • Create and view your Studio floor plan in 2D and 3D

  • Furnish your Studio floor plan with brand-name products

  • Take a virtual walkthrough of your final design

Want to feel excited about coming home to your apartment each day? Learn how to create exquisite 3D studio floor plans on your own so you can design a space that feels like home.

A small studio apartment may feel restrictive in size, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your creative ideas. Thinking about how to use your space efficiently with a layout that also benefits your lifestyle, is key to successfully designing a studio floor plan. The HomeByMe planner makes it possible to do all that and more.

It provides you with the virtual tools to make and map out your apartment floor plans in 3D so you can create a space that you’ll love living in, no matter the size. Design, furnish and change your layout as many times as you want until you land on the right setup. Find everything you need to know about studio floor plans and how to create it using the HomeByMe tool below.

What are Studio Apartment Floor plans?

Studio apartment floor plans are practical diagrams used for designing layouts. They depict a scaled representation of your apartment that typically includes architectural features, furniture, appliances, and more – all with measurements included. Today, you can create 3D floor plans which are especially helpful for deciding where to place certain components. Whether you are a landlord, property management company or a tenant looking to improve your apartment, a detailed illustration is a very convenient method for increasing the value and level of enjoyment within the space. You can start planning right away using HomeByMe’s free, online planning software.

2D Plan of a Studio apartment
2D View of a Studio

How to Make Apartment Floor Plans


1 Take Measurements and Draw Essential Structures

Whether it’s an entire apartment or a specific section of it, start by adding and arranging any pertinent features, such as the walls, floors, windows, and doors, into the planner. Edit and correct the measurements and dimensions to make your drawing correctly reflect the property. Add any architectural features that are unchangeable, such as a fireplace, appliances, toilet, and bathtub. Position these just as they appear in the apartment so you can begin adding other elements.


2 Personalize with Furniture and Decorations

Adjust your viewpoint settings to turn your 2D outline in a realistic, 3D rendering. Now you can begin inserting other elements that will make it feel like your home. To start personalizing it, go to the catalog to source your favorite paint colors, wallpaper, kitchen features, bedroom furniture and more. Choose from well-known, branded products or generic ones. Move items around to find the right spot for them in your apartment. To view different layouts and designs of your floor plan, create multiple versions to help you decide.


3 Generate HD Images to Save and Get Feedback

Save and print images of your newly designed studio apartment so you’ll know precisely how to incorporate your style and vibe when shopping and decorating. Scope it from a first-person vantage point by changing your view mode and share it with friends, family, or colleagues.

3D Studio Floor Plan

2 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

2 bedroom apartment floor plans provide additional flexibility. But if you don’t know what to do with that extra space, it could end up being misused without really benefitting you. To gain some clarity and inspiration on how best to use your extra space with HomeByMe, here are some key concepts to remember for developing a good layout.

Accommodate Future Needs

Don’t just think about your immediate needs. Consider what you might require two or five years down the road. By doing this, you can plan and accommodate for your future needs. If you’re not sure what those might entail, focus on creating more flexibility within your layout so you can easily adapt and update it when you need to.

Weigh Practical Considerations and Architectural Features

To imbue balance within your layout, weigh practical considerations with the architectural features. For example, if your second bedroom is small and you work from home, creating a home office might make more sense than using it as a guest bedroom. If you’re an artist and want a home studio, turning the spare room into a creative space might not be practical if the room lacks natural light or ventilation.

Prioritize Your Lifestyle

Above all, floor plans should correlate with your lifestyle. As a tenant, think about what matters most to you. If you enjoy entertaining, prioritize the flow and layout of your kitchen and dining area. If you love reading, create a cozy, quiet setting rather than having a dedicated space for entertaining. Concentrating on your priorities is a great place to start for customizing any floor plan.

If you’re interested in DIY interior design, HomeByMe is a straightforward and versatile tool that can help you master the art. Unleash your inspiration, experiment with fresh ideas, and learn how to construct the best apartment floor plans on your own, completely risk-free. There’s no download required since everything is available online. So you can begin generating designs instantly. To get motivated, view our inspiration corner where you can find different schemes to browse and incorporate into your apartment.

Create a Studio apartment floor plan

Floor plan software is ideal for planning and visualizing your home remodeling project quickly and easily.

  • Create and view your Studio floor plan in 2D and 3D

  • Furnish your Studio floor plan with brand-name products

  • Take a virtual walkthrough of your final design

Create your Studio Floor Plan

Using a floor plan online software is quite easy. Don't wait to start making your own Studio floor plan in no time and for free!