How to Make Modern House Plans?

Modern Bedroom with pink tones
  • Create the perfect modern house plan

  • Try it in virtual and show it in 4K

  • Be sure your project is flawless before launching the work

Capture the modern look you’re aiming for with a 3D interior design planner. Visualize and finalize floor plans with professional results, all in a virtual format.

Modern homes can be planned and designed in a variety of different ways. But there are a few fundamental characteristics that are grounded in the roots of modern design.

Open floor plans, clean lines, and minimal clutter are the most common hallmarks that establish this refined and efficient aesthetic.

If you’re in the midst of planning a layout and want a clean, minimal look, create your virtual modern house plans using 3D interior design planners. Whether novice or professional, these platforms enhance the way interior design is planned and executed, offering a precise virtual platform to showcase ideas.

Customize each segment of a property to see how the entire concept will look before presenting it or moving ahead. Discover how to utilize a 3D planner below and example layouts to inspire your design.

View of a bedroom designed with homebyme

Create Modern Floor Plans in 3D

Create professional modern floor plans and detailed designs with a 3D interior design planner. User-friendly tools and drag-and-drop tech make it possible to design an interior in minutes. Here’s how to make a floor plan with impressive, high-quality 3D visuals.

Plans of a modern house
Project of a modern house

Design Your Modern House Plans in 3 Steps


1 Draw a 2D Floor Plan

Every design project starts with a floor plan, which can easily be made in an interior design floor planner. Begin by creating a 2D floor plan using the drawing tools to outline the structure of the house or a specific room that you’re designing.

Input the walls, windows, and doorways until you have a complete frame of the space.

Use the measuring tool to add the correct dimensions to the outline of the home to maintain a precise rendering that is to scale.

You can also upload an existing floor plan or use a basic template to customize.


2 Create and Visual the Design

Change the settings from 2D to 3D to start building and visualizing interior design ideas.

Then click and drag features around to reposition them or add new products and materials into the 3D home to design with. Interior floor planners boast many types of features and products that can be used.

Select new windows, flooring, color schemes, and furniture. Then add them to the virtual property to see if they work with the layout and general aesthetic.

Filter the search to locate specific styles that you need, whether modern, contemporary, or industrial.

Customize details like finishes, fixtures, and accessories. It’s all there for you to create a masterful modern design that you can feel proud to showcase.


3 Save, Tour, and Present Your Design

Keep tabs on the details of the design, from brand names and materials used, with HD prints that can capture it from every angle.

To view various parts of the design, step inside and take a 4K virtual tour. Move around and get close to analyze the features and spacing so you can find the best elements that work for the space.

To get feedback from clients or family, share high-res images or a link to your project directly for them to view.

Example of a modern bedroom

Modern House Plans for Inspiration

Find examples below that offer varying perspectives on how to design modern house plans for a large 2 story, 1 story or a smaller dwelling that still prioritizes spaciousness.

Two Story: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

For a clean, modern meets beach aesthetic, consider a house plan that exudes a rich display right from the get-go with an all-white exterior and floor-to-ceiling windows. From the front entranceway, you’re led into a theatre-style foyer with high ceilings and large, sun-filled windows.

This brings you into a flowy, open-plan kitchen and dining area complete with a dining bar. On one end of the main floor lies an expansive primary bedroom, featuring a private en-suite and direct access to the garden.

Past the kitchen and dining area are sliding glass doors that flow out into a luxurious patio space to enjoy. On the second floor, two secondary bedrooms and a common bathroom are located, and if you have the space, a cozy home office.

One Story: 3 Bed, 2 Bath

For a delightful 1 story with 3 bed and 2 bath, embrace height and natural light with a full glass wall. This will expand the visual space and create a stunning focal area that connects and flows into the living, dining, and kitchen areas.

On one side is the primary bedroom with its own bath and walk-in closet. The opposite side is where the remaining bedrooms can be placed with a shared bathroom. A large covered patio extends the living space seamlessly.

Two Story with Garage: 1 Bed, 1 Bath

For a compact, modern design, consider a house plan that places a garage and workshop on the entire first floor of the home. Meanwhile, the second floor is dedicated to the living space, featuring vaulted ceilings for a spacious feel, and large floor-to-ceiling windows for another bright, wall-meets-window display.

The bedroom gets tucked in one corner, along with a bathroom. The rest of the layout is open, connecting the kitchen, living, and dining areas, as with most modern designs. A balcony extends from end to end, providing ample outdoor living room as well. It’s simple, practical, and beautiful for a single person or couple living in a smaller dwelling.

Many modern house plans these days are much smaller and narrower, especially in urban areas that are densely populated. While working with modern home designs, use HomeByMe’s interior design floor planner to develop a meticulous draft for yourself or your clients. This gives you the liberty to explore new layouts to make full use of the space.

Then you can display ideas and make changes instantly until you nail the right look. Create professional floor plans and detailed designs today using this free software that’s easy and fun to use!

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