Industrial decor ideas

Find inspiration from Industrial images to start your project.
The industrial style is directly inspired by the industrial era and picks up the codes of that one, both in materials and in the treatment of space. To find industrial decorating ideas, browse the Inspiration page below and discover the creative projects of our community.

Often characterized as "cold" but comfortable, this decoration mixes wood, metal and even concrete. Suitable for a living room, a bathroom, but also a kitchen, dining room and even a bedroom, this type of decoration will bring a chic and modern touch to your interior.

An exposed brick wall, metal beams, copper colored light fixtures will bring this industrial touch to your decoration. You can also separate spaces with skylights, to give more light while delimiting your open rooms. Hanging plants will be the perfect pieces to brighten up this interior that can sometimes seem cold. Add bolts on exposed metal beams to add a little more detail. In terms of furniture, metal stools, but also sideboards mixing iron and wood will be the must-have of an industrial decoration. Go to vintage stores or flea markets to find second-hand furniture and bring some character to your interior.

For more Industrial decorating ideas, check out our community's projects on the Inspiration page and start your project.

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