How to Create Ranch Home Plans in 3D?

Top views of a Ranch home plans
  • Use 3D to create an optimized Home Ranch interior

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  • Be sure everything is flawless before launching works

Ranch homes are renowned for being welcoming and family-oriented, which is why it’s still a prevalent style today. See how to maximize the benefits of this look while keeping things fresh and modern with a 3D home design planner.

Ranch style homes have existed for decades throughout the US and are still a popular architectural style in many states. They usually feature a wide, single-story, open concept floor plan with board-and-batten siding, gable roofs, and sizeable patios for accessible outdoor living.

As a style that’s existed for quite a while, it can be challenging to design ranch home plans that incorporate traditional homestead characteristics while keeping them suitable for modern homeowners.

Thankfully, 3D home design planners make it easier than ever to illustrate floor plans, explore a range of designs, and make changes instantly to minimize delays.

With 3D visualization software like HomeByMe, take your designs to the next level by showcasing the quality and texture of materials, brand-name products, and even the atmosphere – all of which can’t be done with standard drawings. Read on to discover how to develop modern ranch floor plans with the help of powerful 3D imagery.

Ranch home interior

How to Create Ranch Home Floor Plans Using a 3D Floor Planner?

As an interior designer, having a creative eye isn’t the only skill required to succeed. The ability to communicate and translate ideas effectively is equally important.

3D software enables all of that and more, which is why it’s such an invaluable tool for presenting your work. Explore some of the steps and features below for building professional ranch home floor plans with a 3D home design planner.

Get a stunning ranch home plan:


1 Build Exterior and Interior Walls

Once you’ve set up your first project, start building the floor plan. Refer to the toolbar on the top left corner of the planner and click on the Floor Plan icon to find different options available.

Use the Add Wall feature to draw and connect exterior and interior walls. If you prefer to build it room by room, click the Add Room button to assemble the layout.

Additional features are also available for uploading a floor plan, adding separators between rooms, using icons, and editing measurements.


2 Add Architectural Features

Add features to the floor plan by navigating to the Products icon in the toolbar.

In the dropdown menu, select the Build tab to find what you need to begin forming the structure.

Choose from a range of options to add architectural features for each room in the layout, whether it’s exterior doors, interior doors, windows, staircases, plumbing, or electrical components.


3 Change View Mode from 2D to 3D

At any point, switch from 2D to 3D view mode to gain a different perspective of the design and experience it from another angle.

3D view mode displays the floor plan in greater detail with lighting, shadows, and texture to make it easier to understand the various components and perform alterations if needed.


4 Choose Brand Named Products & Materials

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room, you’ll find popular brand names like Samsung refrigerators and Smeg electric kettles to use.

Hit the Furnish tab under the Products icon to display menus organized by room.

Refer to the Brand Corner to find a particular brand and then drag and drop items into the floor plan.

Make edits instantly to accommodate the layout or duplicate, delete, and reuse features in another section with a simple click.


5 Get Suggestions with Autofurnish

Need a few suggestions for furnishing the home? On the HomeByMe 3D app, click the Autofurnish button to generate ideas.

This will recommend furnishings and décor automatically based on the images and features that you’ve liked.

You can explore other community projects and examples for inspiration.

Modern Ranch Style Home Plans

Designing ranch style home plans with a modern twist is all about tastefully merging old and new. Consider the points below for generating a modernized version of this classic style.

  • Emphasize Open Space by Minimizing Clutter
  • A Neutral Palette is Best (Black, White, Cream, Beige, Brown)
  • Maintain Natural Walkways Between Zones
  • Focus on Comfortable Furnishings
  • Choose Round, Hanging Light Fixtures to Accentuate Height
  • Maximize the Backyard and Outdoor Space with an Enclosed Deck or Patio
Ranch home plan

Ranch Floor Plans: Example Layouts

Explore examples of different ranch floor plans below to inspire ideas for your project.

Small 1 Story: 2 Bed, 2 Bath

Working with 930 square feet means that every area should serve a purpose. This compact layout features an open-concept with the living room set as you enter the home.

This flows into a fully-equipped kitchen placed towards the back with an L-Shape design and breakfast bar, adding a hint of separation between each zone.

On the left of the living room is a home office in the front corner and a mud room that connects to a 2-car garage. A full guest bathroom is located in between.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom takes over the front right corner of the home with a generous private ensuite and walk-in closet.

Top view 2D ranch home

Medium 1 Story: 3 Bed, 2 Bath

Set on just over 2000 square feet, this layout features a classic ranch style floor plan. A sprawling front porch extends the entire length of the home.

Inside, a wide open great room and dining area are situated directly ahead in the heart of the home. The kitchen branches off from the dining area, towards the right corner of the property. A laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom are set in the front right portion of the home.

On the left side, another secondary bedroom is set in the front left corner and the master bedroom gets ample privacy in the rear left corner. A large ensuite bathroom is positioned in between both bedrooms.

A covered back porch with a cozy patio and fireplace provides a relaxed and intimate outdoor living space, which is accessible from the master bed and dining room.

Large 1 Story: 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath

This large 3000 square foot design is perfect for accommodating larger families and busy households. On the main level, a combined living and dining area take center stage, opening to a porch and wrap-around deck.

The kitchen is next to the dining area, flowing towards the left front side of the home. To the right of the entrance is the master bedroom, which is adjacent to a small office, and also connects to a patio outside.

Two secondary bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, are also on the left side, along with a game’s room nearby. A 3-car garage connects to a mud room which is accessible from the kitchen.

HomeByMe’s 3D design planner lets you show clients exactly what they can expect with realistic materials and furnishings, and high-quality renderings that can present design schemes from every angle. Try it today and create ranch home plans that will set you apart from the competition.

Make Ranch Home Plans
  • Use 3D to create an optimized Home Ranch interior

  • Visit virtually and show your ideas in 4K

  • Be sure everything is flawless before launching works

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