What is the Point of an A Frame House?

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Are you building an A-Frame home or planning to remodel one? Find out how to transform this iconic structure into a space that’s relaxed, rustic, and beautiful.

A Frame homes are usually tucked away in a natural setting, which is why they’re revered by nature enthusiasts. Their uniquely simple design seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior, creating an instant first impression.

Typically, these structures entail an open floor plan, expansive windows, a casual loft-inspired design, and a wraparound deck. Since the shape and structure are unusual, these homes need to be planned out carefully to ensure there’s enough living, sleeping and storage space. We explain how you can draw out a house layout and fully tailored the floor plan for your property below.



interior design of A-frame house

How to Make Your A-Frame Home Floor Plan

HomeByMe is a dynamic, user-friendly layout tool that you can use to build out your A-Frame home floor plan. You don’t need any previous experience to begin. Just log in and start adding walls, floors, and all the features that you want to develop a perfect house layout.

Step 1: Get Started with the Outline

In the HomeByMe planning tool, you’ll start with a 2D viewpoint to create the outline of your A-Frame. Add in each wall and edit the size, angles, and dimensions to form the appropriate shape. Place entranceways and windows in at this point too. Adjust the windows and any other features.

Step 2: Build in the Architectural Details

Add in more of the details, like the kitchen and bathroom features and staircase. Choose the appliances and place them in your kitchen. Position the bathroom items just as they appear ­– or will appear – in your home. Include anything else that you have, or select certain features that you want, like a fireplace or soaker tub.

Then choose from brand names or generic decor items found in the HomByMe catalog to furnish your house. Move different elements around to explore alternative setups until you’re satisfied.

Step 3: Experience Your Live Floor Plan and Save it to Use

HomeByMe offers a Live Floor Plan option where you can view your 3D home as if you were really there. This lets you look at each element in your design up close. If there’s something you prefer to exclude, just click and delete it.

Want to see how a larger couch will look in the living room? Add it while you’re standing inside. You can also save, print and use it to initiate your real-life A-Frame house build.

Example of a floor plan done with HomeByMe

Floor Plan House Design Ideas for A-Frames

Beyond their charming appearance, A-Frame homes have lots of potential for creating something truly wonderful, stylish, and tranquil. Due to the unique build, they have many benefits that are worth highlighting when planning out your design.

Some of the most favorable features are the windows, the high pitch ceiling, flooring, and open loft-style floor plan. With these features in mind, here are some points to think about planning your space so it can remain bright, elegant and cozy. 

Neutral Colors are Best

Emphasize the abundance of natural light, while inviting some rustic country cabin vibes into your space by using neutral colors throughout. Apply white, off-white or a cream color to the hardwood floor, rustic wood beams and any other wooden architectural features to keep it looking clean, fresh, and sleek.

Create a Statement Wall

To highlight the unusual contours and lines of your house, create a statement or gallery wall inside. This could be used to show off your favorite artwork, photos or it could even be turned into a green wall.

No matter what you place here, it will be a key factor in creating first impressions. So be sure to choose carefully and ensure whatever you decide on suits the size of the wall.

Add Long Pieces of Furniture

Since the house is literally shaped like an A, long pieces of furniture will work better than wider ones. So, when you’re testing out different pieces of furniture in your HomeByMe planner, focus on adding ones that favor length over width. Long, narrow couches, kitchen tables, and consoles are ideal.

example of home furnishing in A Frame house

Prioritizing Your Floor Plan House Design

While these homes are stunning to look at, they are limited in space. Hence why it’s imperative to pre-plan your layout. When prioritizing your floor plan house design, pay special attention to storage, privacy, and sleeping areas so you can determine how you can integrate enough space for these in your property.

With a steep, angular roof and large windows, A Frame houses are renowned for being the quintessential getaway place for many nature lovers. To plan out a house layout that you can indulge in, try HomeByMe today to discover how to build a cozy retreat or a year-round A-Frame home.

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