8 Invigorating Loft Decorating Ideas

There are countless loft decorating ideas out there to choose from, especially on the creations of a home office, decorating a loft space, york loft, industrial style, and high ceilings. Nonetheless, we have curated our top eight just for you!

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How to Decorate a Loft: first steps

1. Choose a theme

Deciding on a theme is one way to get started when figuring out how to decorate a loft space. Industrial style is one of the most contemporary concepts, particularly in New York lofts.

Maximizing and leveraging existing features of the loft space is key to achieving the perfect decor in your living space area.

For example, Crittall windows can be recreated as partitions rather than walls, to ensure you keep the open floor plan, while maintaining the theme of the building running through the living areas.

Ideally maintain the white, black, and grey color themes in these spaces, and make areas pop with pieces of art. The industrial style is a minimalist style of decor that packs a big punch in terms of impact and suitability for any loft space and interior design.

2. The art of Interior design

When decorating and designing pay close attention to the high ceilings with the intent on creating both a feeling of space as well as grandeur.

When considering your open floor plan, perhaps spice up the entrance point and view with statement pieces that will add impact upon arrival. In addition, strive for a close and cosy vibe, after all this is a place that you will spend a considerable amount of quality time in.

The use of layers of color and textures of rugs and cushions can help to achieve that cozy vibe in the home office, loft space, living area, and bedroom. A 3D home planner offered by HomeByMe, an affiliate marketing program part of Hearst Digital, is one of the best tools for mapping out your intended interior design.

Key Considerations when Decorating a Loft Space

3. Clusters

Clustering hanging bulbs from those high ceilings and altar candles on tables offers an artistic finish to any interior design, and is a particularly useful approach to provide a warm and calm feel to counter the exposed brick or concrete walls in the design area; one of our key ideas when decorating a loft space.

Consider clustering of art for a gallery feel, they work so well in loft spaces. Cushions on beds as well as layering of different textures of rugs in a loft bedroom bring that feeling of comfort and chic style.

4. Flooring

Loft spaces work well with hardwood flooring or polished cement finishes for the main loft space and tiles that are similar in color and style for the bathrooms, to ensure the design follows an open floor plan.

The use of a plain color palette of the floor is also ideal to follow this layout design.

Concepts include maintaining a grey appearance for that industrial style and warm browns such as parquet flooring to replicate a French look.

Loft decorating ideas

Spacious dinner area in a modern loft

Classic Loft Bed Decorating Ideas

5. Go low

Contemplating various ideas for your open floor plan, remember to utilize the placement and height of your bed as an unique way to create the illusion of more space in loft bedrooms and should always be considered in loft bed decorating ideas.

In addition, consider the location of items such as lamps and other bedroom essentials. Low beds give an instant contemporary feel to your loft space, bedroom and furniture that matches make the space flow.

6. Go high

When it comes to loft living, especially private spaces in the area, consider the countless open floor plans and designs that are available for use.

For example, the loft bed could be suspended from the ceiling or propped up from the floor for a low bed style.

Space can be maintained and used around the bed particularly underneath the bed. Perhaps create a desk space for a home office. The choices are endless and aligning the decor with the lifestyle of the designer is always a must.

Small Loft Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

7. Flow

For a more petite loft space, the design phase is especially critical, because the margin for error is reduced. With this layout, the living room design must have a seamless connection with the kitchen and bedroom.

Consider your color palette and use of geometric shapes that are consistent throughout for tying the spaces together.

Make use of the commissions on editorially chosen products purchased as statement pieces that will maximize the tranquillity of your space, such as a chair or large piece of art to give your place and interior design that unique sense of style.

These ideas are urged to be considered in the small loft decorating ideas phase.

8. Stairway

The transition from organizing the living space to bedroom can be just as creative a process. Consider the journey to the bedroom as a slight adventure, which includes passing through designed stairways, to your final destination of rest and solitude.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the styles either, there are plenty of great ones to choose from, such as ladder, storage unit, spiral and floating to name a few!

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Our team is excited to facilitate the transition to loft living. As always remember to be creative and pay attention to your specific needs before embarking on your design.

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