How to Make Country House Plans?

Beautiful country house interior with black touches
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Develop realistic floor plans and detailed designs that harness the warmth and charm of the countryside with 3D technology. Discover the benefits of 3D home design planners and how they can benefit you.

Rustic and elegant, country house plans exude a welcoming, laid-back aesthetic. As a broad architectural genre, country designs can often overlap with similar styles like French country, Southern, Cottage, or Farmhouse.

However, there are a few fundamental features that define the classic American country theme, including traditional siding, dormer windows, large porches with posts or pillars, sizeable kitchens, and plenty of wood detailing.

Whether you’re developing country house plans in the suburbs, city, or countryside, create fast and easy high-quality floor plans in 2D and 3D with a virtual home design planner. This advanced software is packed with features to meet all your professional interior design needs.

Plan a dream home for clients, layout the furniture, and use interactive features to take a tour of the design before finalizing it. Read on to learn more about 3D floor planners and how to use them to create stunning, detailed designs.

How to Make Country Home Plans in 3D?

From generalized blueprints to fully tailored homes that are personalized for clients, 3D floor planners give you the means to deliver high-quality renderings with impressive results.

How to make country home plans with 3D


1 Draw or Upload a 2D Blueprint

Begin by uploading an existing blueprint into the planner.

If you’re working with a bare lot, build a blueprint using the tools to draw the exterior and interior walls, doorways, windows, and other architectural components.

Add the measurements in the planner to correspond precisely with the correct dimensions of the property.

Then use labels and icons to outline various features within the layout.


2 Add Features to Create a Design

Navigate to the planner’s product and material catalog. Search to find specific items to begin building a design.

Add furniture, flooring, paint, new windows, kitchen counters, and accessories. It’s packed with brand name products and generic materials, so there’s everything at your fingertips to develop a customized design.

To explore specific country-themed decor, simply filter the options on the search bar.

Drag-and-drop tech makes it fast and easy to add any items to produce comprehensive designs that illustrate concepts clearly and align with your vision.


3 Take a Virtual Tour and Print HD Images

Print HD/4K images of the design to keep tabs on the layout, features, and décor so it can be easily replicated.

Interactive 4K virtual tours can also be accessed through the floor planner by toggling the view mode.

Explore the design by navigating through each room with panoramic views to assess every inch of it.

Share a link with clients, contractors, or anyone else so they can experience a virtual tour as well and offer their insights.

Country house living room with roof windows

French Country House Plans

French country house plans infuse a level of rustic sophistication. What sets this style apart from other country-based genres is the frequent use of curved arches, soft lines, stonework, plaster walls, and stone or terracotta floors.

Milky neutrals and high contrasts with black accents are also quite common in French country designs.

To learn more about key characteristics that capture the essence of French rural flair, click here.

Low Country House Plans

Considered a sub-section of Southern country design, low country house plans are revered for their simplicity and comfort.

They are commonly found near coastlines and rural areas in the US and are usually elevated above the ground.

Broad, rectangular floor plans, lots of windows, and large, welcoming porches with traditional southern detailing are what make this style so charming. Explore examples of low country house plans below.

Modern country house interior design

1 Story, 3 Bed, 2 Baths

Working with just over 1600 square feet, this floor plans features a standard but spacious rectangular layout. Beyond the large front porch and entranceway, the kitchen is set on the left side with a breakfast bar that overlooks an open dining area and great room with a fireplace.

Glass doors provide easy access to a rear screen porch. Meanwhile, all 3 bedrooms are on the right side of the home. The 2 secondary beds are towards the front and middle portion.

A bathroom is in between and accessible from a hallway. The master bed is at the rear right corner, adjacent to the back porch. The master bath is placed just in front of the bedroom with an adjoined doorway.

2 Story, 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath

For another classic and charming floor plan set on a slight larger lot with 2 floors, this layout offers lots of privacy and space for a family.

Similar to the previous layout, it opens into a kitchen set on the right front corner of the home with a large breakfast bar.

It shares the entire right side of the property with the dining area and great room. The left side is reserved for utilities, a powder room, and a master bedroom that opens out to a rear porch.

A full ensuite bathroom is nestled adjacent to the powder room and attached to the master bedroom. On the second floor, a bathroom is centrally located, and the remaining 2 bedrooms are on opposite sides.

Modern decor style in an old country house

2 Story, 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath

This 2500 square foot, light-filled house plan greets you with a large front porch, classic wooden window shutters and a pitched rooftop, typical with most low-country homes. Inside, a small powder room is to the right of the foyer.

Walking straight from the foyer showcases a great room and upper balcony. A sizeable dining room is set in the right front portion of the home. A breakfast area is in the rear corner with an enclosed kitchen in between.

The master bed takes over the entire left side of the first floor, with a generous wardrobe and bath. Upstairs, an open balcony keeps the space bright and sunny, with an area for lounging nearby.

The additional bedrooms are on each side of the upper level with private bathrooms attached. A 2 car garage and bonus room are also included on the far right portion of the property. This is a great example layout for those who aren’t too keen on wide open concepts.

Today, digital floor plans are an essential part of marketing your creative skills as an interior designer. They showcase the specific size, space and flow between rooms, the placement of furnishings, and they let you communicate ideas with clarity and ease.

Get started with the HomeByMe 3D home design planner that offers all these features and more. Try it today!

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