How to Layout a Bedroom?

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  • Create the best house plans

  • Visualise your virtual room

  • Be sure your furniture is perfect before getting things real

Bedrooms are among the trickiest rooms to design. If you’ve been neglecting yours, discover how to layout a bedroom so you can show it off with confidence.

Do you have a small or unusually shaped bedroom that you don’t know how to arrange? Learn how to make the most out of your space with the help of the HomeByMe online floor planner. You can draft your room layout easily, and in multiple ways, to see how you can convert it into a cozy oasis that looks stylish too.

In this free tool, you can draw professional, detailed plans for your house without any previous experience or skills. Simply click to add walls and set the dimensions of your space. Experiment with different paint colors, beds, dressers, rugs, and then watch as your ideas take shape in 3D. Read on to learn how to draft your dream interior today.

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Design Your Bedroom Layout in 3D:


1 Take Measurements and Draw the Outline

Working from an existing space makes it easy since you can take measurements and plug them into the HomeByMe floor planner.

Draw in each of the walls and edit the dimensions to keep everything to scale.


2 Add Permanent Features

Begin adding permanent features to your outline that cannot be moved or changed.

This includes windows, doors, closets, radiators, or other technical items. Be specific when placing them in your floor plan.


3 Decorate and Furnish

From the HomeByMe catalog, you can decide on all the décor and furnishings you want to experiment with and view within your virtual project.

Get inspired by testing out a variety of styles, sizes, and items. When your newly crafted floor plan is complete, you can save and use it at a later time or share it with others to get feedback.

You can also change your view mode to see your design from a realistic perspective using augmented reality.

How to Plan a Small Bedroom Layout

Decorating a small room is a common challenge for homeowners. But there are many tricks of the trade that can be applied to create a spacious looking room.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

For a smaller room, look at how you can utilize vertical space. Adding items higher up on the wall and towards the ceiling, tricks the eye and makes the room appear larger.

Consider adding a tall wall unit with shelves, a large headboard or making a collage with prints placed above the bed towards the ceiling.

Choose Appropriate Size Furniture

You don’t necessarily have to opt for petite furniture in a small bedroom. However, it’s important to be practical. Here are some tips to remember when you’re adding different items to your floor plan. You should choose :

  • Furniture with legs
  • A bed that will let you fit at least one nightstand
  • A tall and narrow dresser that works with your nightstand

Don’t Use Curtains

Natural light should be maximized in smaller bedrooms. Take advantage of any available light by avoiding heavy curtains. Instead, use blinds or thin drapes, or leave them bare if it’s an option.

Use Light Sconces

A great space-saving hack to consider is using light sconces. Place these on the wall at either side of your bed to free up more floor space. These can offer a classic and cozy vibe to your design too.

Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

As an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmony and balance, Feng Shui is often applied to interior layouts to harness positive and relaxing energy.

To foster a peaceful space, here are a few ways to achieve a Feng Shui bedroom layout.

Place The Bed Far from The Door

Nothing should be placed too close to doorways or be directly in line with them – especially the bed. When you’re positioning the bed, try placing it on an angle and at the furthest point from the door.

Keep Work Items or Electronics Away or Hidden

To promote a calm and relaxing space, work-related items should be kept out of the bedroom, as well as electronics.

Alternatively, try to keep them contained or hidden in a drawer so you won’t be tempted by distractions that can clutter the mind.

Use a Headboard

It is believed that a headboard is a beneficial feature in the bedroom because it offers protection and support for the body.

It also helps to preserve and repair positive energy. Choose gentle materials such as wood or an upholstered design.


Best Bedroom Layout Ideas – How to Design like a Pro

Take your room to the next level and learn how to design like a pro with these bedroom layout ideas.

Start with the Color

Choosing your color palette is the best place to start. Think about the mood and vibe you want to create and what reflects your personality.

If you want to go bold, don’t be afraid to paint something dark and rich. Apply it to an accent wall if you’re not sure about using it entirely or if your bedroom is limited in natural light. Some trending colors to consider are plum, navy blue, and hunter green.

Good Lighting is Key

Bedrooms are meant to feel relaxing and snug. If you have a basic ceiling lamp, make the effort to change it.

Choose something that you love and that will add some character to your interior. Bedside table lamps or wall sconces are also fantastic ways to heighten the coziness.

Layer Different Textures

Textures are what truly make a space feel relaxing and comforting while adding a touch of luxury to your interior. In the bedroom, incorporate soft, knitted, and plush throws. Avoid harsh textures like metallics and lacquered finishes.

Bedrooms are usually one of the trickier areas at home to set up and decorate, especially if they are small.

If you’re feeling stumped, try the free HomeByMe planner so you can attempt all sorts of different layouts, colors, and furniture.

If you’re having trouble getting started, you can find ideas for your site plan in our Inspiration page. Visit industrial-style lofts, modern kitchens, minimalistic scandinavian living rooms, vibrant bohemian bedrooms, and sleek, modern bathrooms to help get your ideas flowing.

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