How to Arrange a Home Office?

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Creating a functional home office doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We show you how easy it can be using some clever tips and the HomeByMe floor planner.

Gone are the days when working from home was considered a rare luxury. Today, it’s an indelible part of the modern workplace, which is why a good home office layout is imperative. Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a large 4-bedroom house, there are a few key principles to be aware of to ensure you have a space that’s conducive to work, while still looking like a cohesive part of your home. Check out our tips below to learn how to arrange your home office, and how you can develop a realistic visualization of your ideal setup using a 3D floor planning tool.

Plan Your Office Layout Design in 3D

Can’t figure out where or how to arrange your home office? HomeByMe is a free, online floor planner that you can use to map out a realistic office layout design in 3D. Play around with different ideas and decide on the best arrangement for your home – all with precise measurements included. Here’s how to begin.

Steps to arrange your Home Office


1 Draw a 2D Overview of Your Space

The first step in creating your home office is drawing the 2D overview of your home, or if you plan on converting a spare bedroom, then you can just focus on that.

You’ll need the measurements of your designated space to outline the walls and structural components like the doors and windows.

Once this is complete, you’ll have an accurate illustration and can begin adding details to formulate a detailed home office design in 3D.


2 Convert to 3D Add paint, Décor and Arrange furniture

By switching your settings, you can view your designated office space in 3D and start applying any items you want – add paint on the walls, arrange furniture and try different accessories too.

Whether it’s desks, chairs, plants, or décor – it’s all available for you to click and add within the HomeByMe planner.

You can build out your entire apartment or home if need be, to determine the best way to make your workspace practical and cohesive with your interior.


3 Save, Print, and Share

Got a layout that you love? Save HD photos of it to use at a later date. You can print images of your design and share it with others too.

If you’re stuck or don’t feel 100% certain about your virtual office design, get an in-depth view of it by stepping inside with a simple click.

You can alter your view mode and look at your home office from every angle to determine if anything needs to be changed.

The Office Layout Essentials

If you’re working with a large or small space, it’s important to be clear on the essentials for a conducive workspace, as well as your personal needs. Here are a few priorities to keep in mind for the office layout.

Placement of the Desk

Since it’s the central spot where all your work gets done, the desk should be the top priority when developing your home office. Having a desk that’s too large, too small, or awkwardly positioned can end up seriously impeding your productivity levels. Ideally, try to place your desk in a location that gives you a view of a window or door with your back towards a wall. And be sure to avoid a location that will cause glare on the computer screen. If you’re limited and must face a wall, hang a mirror above so you can still have a view.

Layered Lighting

Lighting can greatly affect your level of comfort and ability to concentrate. So, be diligent about the lighting you incorporate into your workspace. Being close to natural light is best, but when that’s not available, recessed lighting can work well with a dimming option to provide more control over the lighting levels throughout the days and seasons.

Storage to Hide Equipment

In our digital world, there’s no need for excess storage or cabinets. But it is still necessary for keeping some of those everyday office essentials – like printers and shredders – out of sight. Anything beyond the basic screen and keyboard should be hidden from view, especially for smaller dwellings that have the home office placed directly within the living or dining area. Consider a wall unit or block-style bookshelf that can double up to provide a spot to tuck away those items.


Example of a home office layout

Small Home Office Layout Ideas

No matter how small your space is, there are clever ways to take advantage of what you have to create a comfortable working environment. Here are a few small home office layout ideas to attempt in your home.

Office Under the Stairs

If you’re limited on space, consider using unusual areas that are often neglected, like under the stairs. In many cases, a simple desk and a slender shelving unit can fit here. However, this could require a custom-made piece, depending on the available space. But it’s a great work spot to consider when you’re tight on square footage.

The Hidden Bureau Office

Need your office to double up as part of your living room? Consider using a bureau to create a hidden and contained home office. Place your computer screen inside, add some file holders on the side of the doors if needed, as well as a roll-out drawer for your keyboard. This is an excellent way to provide what you need for your work while keeping it all contained within a large cabinet that you can simply close up at the end of each workday.

The Decorative Office

Another option to consider is using your work setup as a decorative feature within your home instead of concealing it. In this case, be sure to choose an attractive desk and chair that work with your interior styling since these will be visible elements. For a modern home, keep it minimal and clutter-free.

As a staple part of many homes today, a functional and attractive office layout is crucial. Design your ideal space in the HomeByMe floor planner so you can create a practical office that suits both your work and home-based needs. Try it today!

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