Modern farmhouse decor ideas

Find inspiration from modern farmhouse images to start your project.
Modern farmhouse style is inspired by the rustic style that can be found in country homes in rural areas. Comfortable and inviting are the key words for a successful farmhouse decor. To find inspiration and farmhouse decorating ideas, browse the Inspiration page to discover projects from our community.

How do you design your home in a modern farmhouse style? Warm tones brought by exposed wooden beams, combined with comforting materials such as wool blankets and thick, plush rugs will dress up the space and give it a cozy feel. For a more modern decor, neutral and light tones on the walls will be preferred to bring light and a feeling of grandeur to the room. Practicality and simplicity often go hand in hand with modern Farmhouse decor.

Avoid overcrowded decorations and an abundance of objects. Instead, opt for simple decorations, such as dried flowers or an antique mirror with a gold frame on a pedestal table. Looking for modern farmhouse decor essentials? Head to vintage stores to find furniture to rehab. Barn wood is also a timeless material. Use it for part of your walls or for a piece of furniture to dress up the room.

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