How to Make Home Plans?

Beautiful living room with neutral tones
  • Create your perfect House plans

  • Visualise your virtual home

  • Be sure your furniture is perfect before getting things real

Getting ready to remodel or renovate? Draft and finalize your designs using the free HomeByMe planning tool. Find out why it’s the best way to make home plans for any projects.

Planning to redesign your home or construct a new-build from the ground up? Make sure your finalized home design ticks off all the boxes for you and your family with the help of the HomeByMe planner.

Rather than trying to imagine and sketch out your plans, this free online tool lets you input them into a dynamic, virtual format so you can visibly gauge what they will look like in real life. Branded products, furnishings and materials can all be found in the HomeByMe catalog where you can click, add, and adjust every element to tailor your layout.

After preparing your floor plans, take a tour using augmented reality, or save, share, and print photos of them to showcase your ideas. To make home plans for your property, read on to learn how to use the free HomeByMe planning tool.

How to Customize Home Floor Plans

If you’re an avid DIYer or are just getting started as an interior designer, the HomeByMe interface is the best feature you could have in your toolkit to support your creative visions and help you succeed with your projects.

3D view of a small apartment

Here’s how to build your home floor plans


1 Build the Walls and Structural Features

HomeByMe is an intuitive interface that makes it simple to draw and customize every feature of your property. Using the 2D overview grid, first draw in the walls with the appropriate measurements.

To make it easier, use the room shape tool to insert rooms and then adjust the size and dimensions based on your space. Outline the doors and windows and add other structural features.

This could include staircases, skylights, bathroom features, and kitchen appliances. Click and drag them into their correct spot, or if you are creating a new-build, move them around to explore different layouts for your future home.

With accurate measurements that you can view and adjust at any time, it’s an excellent way to plan out any area to determine what makes sense for the size, shape and flow of the property.


2 Build Out the Rooms

Key segments of your home plan, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, can be added in at this point.

Focus on one room at a time. In the kitchen, start by customizing the cabinets, adding your floors and appliances, sink and backsplash, and anything else that’s necessary to complete the base of your culinary hub.

From rustic to contemporary, there are lots of different styles for every area of the home. For the bathroom, add vanities, faucets, shower stalls, soaker tubs, and even wallpaper. Be liberal with your designs if you’re not entirely sure what you prefer.

Being able to add, view, and analyze all of the components lets you liberally design your space without limitations.


3 Finalize Your Plan and Take a Tour

HomeByMe makes it possible for you to step into your home floor plans to realistically gauge the viability and aesthetics of your design.

View a live floor plan with 360 ° capabilities. Take it a step further and experience it in augmented reality with a VR headset.

It’ll feel just like you’re walking through your actual home that’s fully furnished and complete with your designs. Don’t forget to save and share it!

Family Home Plans

Practicality is always a priority when creating family home plans with children. But at the same time, you still want your home to look nice.

Using HomeByMe, experiment with different layouts to effectively configure a playroom, den or determine how you can create a separate bedroom once your children are too old to share.

Try out different color palettes and furniture to make it appropriate for your family. And think about how you can make your home layout flexible so it will serve you now and as your family continues to grow.

Dining room and kitchen with neutral and wooden touches

Home Design Plans Can Benefit Anyone

Whether you’re expecting your first child, already have children or have aging parents who will eventually need to move in with you, 3D home design plans can benefit anyone. They help you prepare for the future while accommodating the existing needs of your family today.

HomeByMe can even help you decide if it makes sense to stay put in your current home and make modifications or sell it and look for something else that you can customize. Visualizing your ideas clears away uncertainties surrounding any of your home plans.

There’s no reason why you can’t become your own interior designer. With the HomeByMe tool, you have everything you need at your fingertips to construct your layout from scratch.

Update the bathroom, remodel the kitchen, or decorate the kid’s room. You get to choose whatever you need to create a space that makes the most sense for you. Try it today!

Make your home plans

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  • Create your perfect House plans

  • Visualise your virtual home

  • Be sure your furniture is perfect before getting things real

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