Kids room decor ideas

Find inspiration from kids room images to start your project.
A room for a child reflects his world, his imagination his imagination and his interests. It is undoubtedly the most important room for children, since it is the first room that really belongs to them, the one in which they forge their first memories. In this section reserved for children's rooms, you can discover the creations of our community and find inspiration to create or redecorate your child's room.

A child will grow up with his room, which is why it is important to choose furniture that is versatile and big enough to allow him to store all the things and objects he will accumulate. Once childhood is over, a simple touch of paint, changed handles and a different layout will give this room a new lease of life. Pastel colors, will allow your child to feel like in a cocoon. Soft carpets and large cushions will give a cocooning aspect to this room. Finally, a vintage toy chest will bring cachet to this room, while having a practical use, and can easily be reused once the toy period is over.

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