How to Draw a Floor Plan?

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  • Update the style of your home interior

  • Instantly test different designs and layouts

  • View your home in 3D before making purchases

Are you building or designing a home? Learn why it pays to use a floor plan and how you can create one all on your own for free.

Having a visual diagram is invaluable when it comes to planning the design of your home or a particular room within it. A floor plan helps you accurately understand the distinct size and location of each room, the structural components you may need to work around, and how to create a layout that encompasses your wants and needs. If you’re in the process of planning your layout, HomeByMe is a free online floor planning tool that you can use. Create a bird’s-eye overview of your home and fully design it with furnishings and décor in a realistic 3D format. Keep reading to find all the tips and info to design a floor plan that works for you.

Why it’s Important to Build a Floor Plan?

Whether you’re designing your entire home or a certain section of it, keep in mind that you will be living there for the foreseeable future. So, it should comfortably accommodate your lifestyle. This is why it’s important to build a floor plan. It lets you plan for your needs now and in the future. By spending a little time and effort thinking about the way you live and what you want in the initial stages, you can design a space that truly feels like home.

How to Design a House Floor Plan

HomeByMe’s intuitive platform makes it easy to create a top-down outline of your property and a thorough 3D design with your desired color scheme, furniture, flooring, and accessories. Make your home completely customized for you and your family by following these guided steps below on how to design a house floor plan.

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Design your House Floor Plan in only 3 steps


1 Outline Walls, Windows and Doors

Take measurements of your property so you can have them ready to insert into your floor plan. Begin outlining the walls, windows, and doors of your home.

Set the measurements for each section and any structural features so it corresponds accurately with your property. 


2 Begin Designing Your Home in 3D

HomeByMe can automatically transform your 2D outline into a dynamic and realistic 3D graphic where you can create your home design from the inside out.

Explore the HomeByMe catalog to find brand-name products and generic ones.

If you want to add a contemporary-style couch, traditional dining chairs or bespoke cabinetry for your kitchen, you can find all the styles and options you need to design a floor plan that’s fully tailored to your style.


3 Tour Your Design and Share it

With a simple click, you can go inside your virtual home and analyze your design up close.

Walk through the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom to assess the spacing, furnishings, or any finishing touches that you’ve added. Evaluate it from a real-life perspective before making a final decision.

When you want to relay your design and ideas to others, you can save panoramic photos and send a link to your spouse or contractors.

Example of a floor plan done with HomeByMe

Things to Consider When Making a Floor Plan Design

A good floor plan should aim to enhance and maximize your level of enjoyment within your home. Of course, the ideal design will differ for everyone. Here are a few things to think about when you’re making a floor plan design.

Does it Suit Your Lifestyle?

Give careful thought about how you spend your time at home. If you’re an avid cook and love to entertain, a large open kitchen space would be ideal. If you’re into sports or outdoorsy adventure, then you might need to carve out somewhere to store your bicycle, skis, or other sports equipment. See how you can adapt your home to be practical for your daily and semi-frequent activities.

Are the Rooms Well Positioned?

Designing a house from the ground up typically means you’ll need to consider the positioning of each room. You may want an open floor plan between the kitchen and living room so you can interact with guests while preparing meals, or to keep an eye on the kids. Ideally, bedrooms and bathrooms should be positioned away from the kitchen and dining areas. Make sure to think about the livability of your layout so you can make the right choices for your family.

Could it Accommodate Your Future Needs?

As your needs and lifestyle change, you’ll want a versatile home layout that can adapt to those changes in a relatively simple and seamless way. During your floor plan design, consider what you will need 5 years in the future. Are you likely to start a family? Will your adult children be moving back home from college? Or maybe your parents will need to move in with you. Avoid the added stress that can arise by asking yourself the right questions now so you can plan for the future.

A good floor plan is the best asset to ensure you end up living in a home that can evolve and grow as you do. Design a floor plan for your home today with the HomeByMe tool and produce an accurate 3D mock-up of your dream setup. Need inspiration? Click here to find all sorts of designs to incorporate into your property.

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  • Update the style of your home interior

  • Instantly test different designs and layouts

  • View your home in 3D before making purchases

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