How to Create Architectural Designs and House Plans in 3D?

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Whether it’s building a portfolio or exhibiting potential designs to a major client, a 3D design planner can help you develop structural blueprints, form complex designs and present ideas vividly, with precision.

Three-dimensional renderings and technology are invaluable tools for architects and interior designers. They can be used to create realistic illustrations of building plans, while giving a genuine feel for how those concepts will play out in the real world.

Developing an intricate model in a virtual, 3D setting not only helps to portray proposed designs in detail, but they also exhibit the size and scale, making it easy to inform builders on how to proceed with construction plans.

Traditionally, this was done by making conceptual models manually. Today, 3D design planners are changing the entire process. With drag-and-drop technology and a plethora of materials, products, and customized features, drafting complex architectural designs, house plans, and more has become effortless.

Below, we show you how to elevate your designs and workflow using 3D tech.

How to Build House Plans, Architectural Design Models and More in 3D?

Instead of manually building three-dimensional models by hand, 3D software offers all the features necessary to create precise drawings, comprehensive site models, and creative designs.

Just click, drag and watch as your concepts take shape in a virtual setting. There’s never been an easier and more concise way to present proposals in a professional format.

Here’s a basic guide on how to build house plans, architectural models and even garden plans using this innovative software.

Some essential steps to create a perfect plan


1 Create the Blueprint

To make a blueprint of the proposed plan, use the tools in the 3D planner to outline the structure of the property.

You can draw and connect interior and exterior walls, windows, doorways, and additional features that are included in the architecture.

Already have a blueprint? Upload it into the planner and use it to develop your plan.

Icons and labels can also be used to mark various elements in the floor plan. There are templates that can be customized for this step as well.


2 Build, Design and Furnish

Change the 2D blueprint into a 3D replica by switching the view mode in the planner.

This will provide a thorough view into the basic frame and layout you’ve created.

Now you can begin to manipulate the structure in 3D and formulate a detailed plan.

Reposition rooms, find the right spot for the staircase, or figure out which windows work best.

The toolbar and online catalog in the 3D planner provide a wide range of brand name products and materials that can be used to form and solidify your vision with ease and precision.

From the ground up, you can perform trial and error by testing out multiple ideas, fixtures, furniture, paint colors, and floor plans until you land on a scheme that looks and feels just right.


3 Present 3D Renderings, Print HD Images, Take a VR Tour

3D design planners help both architects and interior designers put their best foot forward when presenting ideas.

Realistic renderings also make it easier for clients, builders, and other collaborators to understand customized plans and concepts clearly.

It gives a true sense of how all the various elements will look and feel. And with VR capabilities, you can take a virtual tour of the structure and share a link so that others can have the same experience.

Designs can be saved and printed in high-res to be used as a blueprint or comprehensive guide.

Architectural Design House Plans with Examples

Below, we recap some of the most popular architectural design house plans today, and how to incorporate their core features to produce stunning concepts for clients or yourself.

Contemporary House Plans

Contemporary designs are geared for those who love to keep up with the trends.

Based on efficiency and simplicity, these designs showcase striking lines, straight or angled rooftops, lots of windows, minimal embellishments, and open spaces to maximize flow, light and functionality.

To sum it up, everything serves a purpose.

Example of an architectural project

Contemporary House Plan: 1 Story, 3 Bed, 2 Bath with Split Layout

From the exterior, tall windows with a central glass wall, sharp lines, a rectangular structure, create a captivating curb appeal that’s very contemporary.

Inside, a sprawling open floor plan houses the great room, kitchen and dining area with a bright, breezy atmosphere that makes it feel airy and expansive.

A covered porch provides a cozy and intimate spot for dining and lounging outdoors. Meanwhile, secondary bedrooms are situated on one side, and the master suite is on the opposite side for extra space and privacy.

With a clean, minimal, and spacious layout, this type of floor plan encompasses everything that makes contemporary design so attractive.

Transitional House Plans

Transitional house plans typically involve a mixture of traditional and contemporary designs. Of course, this can entail other styles too.

They key is to strike a balance to create a harmonious aesthetic. Features often include bright open concepts, varied roof lines, vertical siding, and flexible concepts that enable homeowners to “transition” as their family grows.

Transitional House Plan: 1 Story, 3 Bed, 2 Bath

This example boasts a rustic-meets-contemporary design, featuring vertical siding, rustic wooden beam supports, oversized windows with shudders, and a steep, poignantly dark roof top set against a neutral façade.

An open floor plan shares the great room, kitchen and dining room, positing them in the heart of the home. Meanwhile, an entrance off of the great room leads to the master suite and bath, tucked in the far corner.

The second and third bedrooms are on the other side of the property, separated by a hallway and a shared bathroom. A garage comprises the left front side of the home.

Small House Plans

Small house plans are most common in urban environments where land is limited. Thus, they require meticulous planning to maximize the available space while enhancing comfort and lifestyle.

As this example depicts, great things can come in small sizes too, even when working with less than 1000 square feet.

Top view of a small bathroom with wood and green accents

Small House Plan: 1 Story, 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath

In smaller designs, incorporating a large front and back porch is widely favored as they help to expand the livable space. Inside, an uncluttered layout keeps it efficient and purposeful with an open plan that entails the living room and kitchen on one side, with doors that lead out to the rear deck.

A half bath adjacent to the kitchen is tucked in the corner, providing direct and convenient access from the back porch. The master and secondary bedrooms are on the opposite side of the kitchen and living area, grouped together to maximize closet space.

A full bath is placed between, with shared access from a hallway. Vaulted ceilings add to the spaciousness and overall aesthetic. This simple layout exemplifies how to get plenty of room and all the amenities needed to live comfortably.

Whether you’re an architect or an interior designer, having the best tools to nurture ideas and present your creative vision truly matter for building a solid reputation in these competitive fields.

With HomeByMe’s 3D design planner, you’ll have instant access to a wide suite of products, materials, and tools to craft professional plans that will showcase your talents in the best light. Try it today! It’s free to use and easy to get started.

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