Industrial Style

Reminiscent of factories and warehouses, the industrial decorating style features exposed brickwork, bare metal, pipes and ducts, and dark wood.

What are the best industrial home decor designs?

If you want to change up things in your home decor style and are looking for a modern look that makes a statement, then industrial home decor is for you. Industrial furniture and decor are solid and sleek with a streamlined feel. Retro combines with vintage to give a unique look. And the great thing is vintage industrial home decor is everywhere, so it’s easy to give your home the industrial revamp.

The industrial interior is raw and edgy yet defines a sense of comfort too. Bare bricks and exposed metal dominate industrial style interior design. And no industrial style room is complete without industrial style light fixtures.

Industrial style interior design characteristics work in any room, whether you live in a converted warehouse, factory, or have a home in the suburbs. If you have the advantage of an open plan room (think lofts), this space is crying out for an industrial makeover.

How to decorate Industrial style?

The character of industrial interior design encompasses natural materials such as exposed wooden beams, brickwork, and rich metal.
If you want to redesign your living space to incorporate this style you can either start with a few industrial decor accessories, such as lamps or go the whole hog and remove the plaster from the walls (professional assistance advised!).

Start with the color palette and decide if you need to paint the walls white, gray or a shade of blue to step up the industrial vibe. What about furniture color? If you’ve got a pale green or shocking pink sofa it’s not going to fit. So why not dye the fabric or getting it recovered?
This look loves industrial chic wall decor – think vintage mirrors, giant clocks, metal framed pictures, and exposed wall lamps (metal shades with the bulb on view).

Other decorative elements could include dark rugs, retro industrial coffee tables with metal legs and textured or leather pillows.
Reclaimed wood is ideal for this style, as it has the ‘used’ look of old buildings and the pieces you use may even once have been from a factory or warehouse. There’s nothing like a reclaimed wood floor to set off the industrial vibe.

How to use industrial house decor in any room?

Let’s start with the industrial kitchen – where black or metal faucets, wooden flooring, and open spaces predominate. The materials are key to industrial house décor – stone, glass, ceramic, reclaimed wood, brick walls, and concrete all lend themselves to the industrial aesthetic.

Take your bathroom design to the next level with the addition of industrial style bathroom accessories. Metal candlesticks, pendant lighting over a wooden vanity, and ironwork baskets are elegant examples of this look.

Let’s move to the industrial style living room. You can get the loft feel even if you live in a country cottage. Bring the room to life with a leather chair or pouf, spotlight lamps, and a sculptured pendant light. Add functionality with a glass coffee table and minimal style side tables. And for the ultimate in luxury, a modern fireplace completes the look.

The industrial dining room houses a sleek wooden table and simplistic metal chairs with pendant industrial lights accentuating a contemporary bowl or vase.

For an inspiring industrial home office choose a wooden or metal desk, a leather chair and a deep blue or gray accent wall for contrast.
And what about the industrial style bedroom? Minimal, clutter-free, and trendy is the idea here. The industrial bedroom is about contrast – dark walls and faux fur throws, pallet or iron beds, and grey wood headboards and painted furniture. And don’t forget the essential industrial bedside lamps to add a touch of warmth.

Do you want to learn how to decorate industrial style?

If you’d love your home to reflect the warm, industrial chic look then why not try out your interior design skills to create this look? With the help of a room planner, you can learn how to decorate industrial style and get the look you desire without having to move a single item of furniture.

Remember, this style is all about simplicity. Vintage industrial decor ideas project depth and texture and have a sense of authenticity about them.

If you don’t want to decorate a whole room then bring in a few industrial decor accessories to experiment with. The smaller details in a room can make all the difference. From chunky chopping boards in the kitchen to metal jars in the bathroom or a vintage lamp on your nightstand, you choose how industrial you want to go.

Salvaged wood is another way to create this look. As we mentioned before, a reclaimed wood floor sets the industrial scene. But you can also use planks for shelves or picture frames to influence the industrial space.

Raw materials, generous spaces, and texture all work together to celebrate this stylized chic look.

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