The best decor ideas for an edgy industrial bedroom

The industrial style bedroom looks fabulous if you live in a loft or apartment, but it’s easy to create in any home.

And the edgy industrial bedroom doesn´t have to feel masculine just because it’s all about exposed brick walls, wood, and metal – you can add a feminine touch for a warm and inviting vibe. 


Are you brave enough for industrial bedroom decor?

If you love industrial bedroom decor that makes a statement and represents the minimalistic architecture of this era, then give industrial bedroom decor a try.

From modern industrial bedroom furniture to vintage exposed metal piping, this look will update and transform your space. The secret is to carefully integrate the decoration with softer touches to create the industrial loft style. But no frills or pink please – this look is seriously vintage!

Industrial bedroom with gold touch

Industrial bedroom with gold touch.

How to give your industrial style bedroom a unique look

While you may not live in a loft with exposed piping and ducts you can still add a touch of magic to your industrial style bedroom with clever use of pendant lights, metal side tables, and an iron-framed bed.

To accentuate the industrial look, bring together the core materials of this style – wood, metal, and concrete. Wooden flooring, metal bedside lamps with Edison light bulbs, and an exposed brick or concrete wall are the signatures of the industrial feel. The emphasis is on keeping the room as natural as possible, with a warm neutral color palette interspersed with hints of mustard in the bed linen, rugs and shades.

If you’re into black and white photos a framed gallery will add interest to any wall.

Classic industrial bedroom ideas to whet your appetite

This look is all about interpreting industrial bedroom ideas and balancing the use of raw materials with cozy features.

A bedroom with a white brick wall creates a sense of spaciousness and reflects the light. If you have wooden beams you could also paint them white to up the industrial feel.

A simple gray, black and white color palette serves as the base for the industrial bedroom and complements its unfinished appeal.

And don´t forget warm industrial lighting (pendant fixtures and wall sconces) to create mood and exude elegance.

Grey industrial bedroom

Grey industrial bedroom

Industrial bedroom furniture – a glorious mismatch

Take the moody and modern look through to your industrial bedroom furniture. An array of ideas can work together to add character and a touch of the flamboyant.

A low-slung platform bed with a reclaimed wood headboard represents the focal point of the room, and tones down the eccentricity. A set of salvaged wood floating shelves or metal-legged nightstands provide useful storage and a place to display those eccentric bedroom accessories you’ve discovered in your local flea market.

Weathered wood is also a key feature and salvaged wooden chests and wardrobes can be left bare or sanded and painted in black and white to enhance the theme.

Use old wooden crates, chests, and piles of suitcases as nightstands – nothing has to match.

This look is more than just exposed pipes and brickwork. It projects the extraordinary and makes a statement about the kind of person you are.


Choose the right accessories for a subtle industrial bedroom decor

To complete the look, add a selection of trendy industrial bedroom accessories. To liven up a stark wall hang a large and dramatic painting that draws the eye. Enormous clocks are also a feature of this era, as are caged wire lamps and giant wall maps.

Metal sculptures and vases, large or small, offer sophistication and provide the metal texture so reminiscent of this style.

Not sure where to start? Build your industrial style bedroom slowly and take your time. Remember less is more and nothing has to match… happy decorating!

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