The essentials for a stunning industrial bathroom

Take your bathroom design to the next level with the industrial look. Textured materials, exposed brickwork, visible metal pipes…

The industrial bathroom is a place to highlight the raw feel of this era. It’s a room to take your design ideas to the max if you’re a fan of the industrial style.

What are the key elements of industrial bathroom design?

The bathroom is a place where you want to shut the door and take care of yourself. From your daily beauty routine to a relaxing bath, what could be better than an amazing industrial bathroom to make you feel great?

Industrial bathroom design ideas hold their roots firmly in the design of old warehouses and factories of the industrial revolution. This iconic style embraces concrete bathroom walls, minimalistic sanitaryware and striking copper faucets and shower heads. Add to this reclaimed timber flooring and shelves, classic white subway tiles, industrial light fittings and a few quirky accessories and you’ve got the inner-city feel.

Industrial bathroom with minimalist design

Industrial bathroom with a minimalist design.

Industrial bathroom lighting will instantly transform your space

Create a warm and moody atmosphere with the right lighting choices. Industrial bathroom lighting embodies the Victorian factory look, with exposed Edison bulbs (in a warm golden shade), iron cages and metal wall sconces.

Industrial style pendants look fantastic hung over a suspended copper pipe and can be customized to the height you want them by twisting the cords around the pipe.

A row of exposed bulbs mounted on a piece of reclaimed wood above the vanity is another unique industrial style bathroom idea that’s functional and will bring the space to life.

If you thought artwork is only for the living room or bedroom think again. An eye-catching picture (in shades of gray, brown or black) highlighted with an industrial spotlight will add personality and tie the design together.

Industrial dessing table with reclaimed wood

Industrial dressing table with reclaimed wood.

What’s the best style of industrial bathroom mirror?

Mirrors are a source of inspiration as there are so many to choose from. Metal or reclaimed wooden framed mirrors will bring the space to life and reflect light. Set against a white brick wall bathroom backdrop or white tiles, a mirror with a black metal frame creates impact. Pair this with striking black faucets to complement the look.

But you don´t have to stick to black – a brass framed mirror looks just as amazing on a white background. The shape of the mirror is up to you – rectangular, curved or round are all stylish and minimalist.

Whatever the frame, industrial mirrors should be big and bold to make the most of the wall space. Why not try hanging your bathroom mirror landscape style for a different look, instead of the usual portrait way?

Industrial bathroom with a large mirror

Industrial bathroom with a large mirror.

You can really go to town with industrial bathroom shelves even if you have a small bathroom.

Use shelves for storage in wire baskets, towels, toilet paper in natural baskets and add a plant as a feature. Open wooden shelves on metal brackets are an easy way to reflect the industrial look.

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