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Matching backboards and work surfaces


Matching backboards and work surfaces

If you have a worktop made of a particular material - such as glass - the best option is to match it to your back panel.


All stainless steel

Mirroring professional kitchens, stainless steel makes life easy. It resists heat and humidity, and offers the highest hygiene standards. Made from a very thin panel (measuring less than 1.50 mm), a bespoke backboard can even be placed on top of an old tiled splashback, for example. Take care to avoid scratching the work surfaces!


All laminate

Easy to work with and particularly good value, this material is still well used. Brands have worked hard to make the material trendy and it can be used on work surfaces, backboards and cupboard fronts. This thin material – consisting of layers of kraft paper and a decorative layer coated with a melamine resin – allows you to install joint-free splashbacks in a variety of finishes. A neat silicone seal is required around the sink to prevent any swelling caused by humidity. Please note that some kitchen manufacturers advise against using it behind gas hobs due to its sensitivity to heat.


All wood

For smaller spaces, it is best to restrict the style effects so that the kitchen is not overwhelmed. We would therefore recommend choosing lighter furniture, wooden work surfaces and a backboard with the same finish. It gives the illusion of the design enveloping the wall, thereby simplifying the surrounding space. The wood’s horizontal grain markings create a lovely feeling of volume.


All glass

As with stainless steel, this material is well known for its resistance to heat and water, and for its ease of maintenance. Very resistant Securit tempered glass is used. It is available as clear or opaque glass, as well as with a gloss or matt finish. It can be mass-coloured or rear-lacquered. Glass brightens rooms and is perfect for contemporary kitchens. Suitable for both for work surfaces and backboards, you can choose from a range of colours that will instantly bring a room to life.


All resin

A popular material, like Corian, which is perfectly hygienic. It is extremely easy to use, can be shaped in countless ways and is available in several colours. Corian is resistant to stains and impacts, but you must be careful when handling knives and hot dishes if the material is not treated correctly. This on-trend material brings work surfaces and backboards together perfectly.


  • Always choose materials based on your everyday kitchen needs.
  • Nowadays, all materials are available in a range of colours; study this broad array closely to add a touch of style to your space.
  • Calculate the height of your splashback or backboard to create the desired impression of depth.

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