Interior Design March 5, 2020

How to heat your home

The stove has become a fashionable heating source.

Its appearance has become more and more decorative and its energy more natural, making it a popular option for primary or secondary heating. But is this solution adequate for your home? Our expert Vincent Peybernes, from the French company Seguin, answers your questions.

1 . What advice can be given before investing in this type of stove?

This option is principally for homeowners. The first reason is that the ducts in apartments and especially in old buildings are rarely suitable for this type of installation. Secondly, the installation work can be a little expensive, especially for the sheathing, and it is better to invest this money in your own home.

2 . So tenants can’t install a stove in their apartment?

Gas models are an ideal option for tenants. They are connected to the gas mains and the connecting pipes can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

3 . Do these two models warm up the whole home?

In a stove, the ventilation functions by the medium of forced convection pulsating hot air. It is then distributed through ducts which are fitted with an independently operating fan. This enables it to heat up two or three rooms, depending on their size.

4 . What are the precautions for this type of installation?

A handyman can work on the installation work themself, but we strongly recommend the intervention of a professional. For a gas model, it’s a necessity, and we offer this service through our sales network. As a result, you can be sure that the gabled façade or outputs will be selected correctly, but also that the safety rules relative to the openings and distance from fire will have been respected.

5 . Chossing between wood and pellet stoves

Your choice depends on your lifestyle. Pellets last longer than wood. This type of model can be managed remotely in relation to switching it on and off. In this case you can use your remote as a thermostat. Make sure to carefully select the storage for pellets and choose ones of quality. If you live in a house and you can store your wood outdoors, this factor can also influence your decision. And do not overlook the fan aspect: nothing can replace the beauty of a real wood fire.

6 . What budget should be provided for this type of installation?

The average expense is about 3000-4000 euros, depending on the complexity of the installation. But there are also some stylish models that can cost closer to 10 000 euros.

Vincent Peybernes Marketing and Communication Director Seguin


The wood stove remains the only option that offers the charm of a roaring fire, a pleasure similar to the fireplace, but with a better heat distribution.

A pellet stove offers better duration and offers the possibility to control it remotely.

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