Interior Design March 5, 2020

How to make the most out of your corners?

Interior Design

How to make the most out of your corners?

Every square meter is precious. You can highlight the untapped small spaces of your home to get more comfort and storage space.



There’s never too much storage. You can use the underside of your stairs or a recess to install tailored shelves. For a decorative effect, keep the visible installation, but you can also choose to close with doors to obtain a truly organized closet.


A library

Decorative and practical, it can find its place in many places. Under the stairs, in a narrow cupboard but also in a hallway or wide enough staircase.

Allow at least 80 centimeters for the passage and 30cm for the depth of the shelves. For the stairs, the library becomes a handrail.



They can become very useful drawers, including for storing shoes before walking up the stairs.


A quiet corner

On the landing, in a recess or under the stairs, you can install a custom seat. Take care of your decoration to compensate the size of this small resting area.


A small playroom

Today children are not confined to their room, books and toys invade shared rooms. It’s a good idea to save them a well-organized storage space in one of these unused corners.


And why not a hut?

By closing the space under the stairs for example. A dream for them, but also for you who will benefit from these long moments of calm when they are absorbed by their games in this little secret corner.


A corner office

Difficult to dedicate an entire room, but it is simple to install in a fairly wide corridor, under a staircase high enough or closet, that you can decide to leave open or close. This setup is more than necessary if you work at home but also to process administrative tasks in an organized way.


A dressing room

If you are lucky enough to have a wide corridor, a large landing or a spacious corner and not too quirky, feel free to arrange clothes in this space.


A venue

Pictures, paintings, children’s drawings … You can create a small corner that will be your mini museum. This controlled accumulation also allows you to choose a more refined decoration.

TIP 10

A water source

If you have a small space behind a kitchen, a bathroom or toilets, it may be worthwhile to install a sink for children. Ideal before sitting down to eat, but also in the morning for a small wash before going to school, it avoids many traffic jams in the bathroom.


• These developments must be well thought: organizing a small space requires a lot of precision.

• For the perfect planning, it is sometimes wise to call in a professional.

• Do not neglect decoration, for the successful integration of these new facilities to your interior.

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