Interior Design May 15, 2020

How to lay out a small studio?

Interior Design

How to lay out a small studio?

To take advantage of a small area, it is necessary to make the most of all the solutions that are available.

Several interior design trends will help you to forget the lack of space. First of all is modularity. With amenities that are removable, they can assume multiple roles. Imagine a stage in your studio: under it you can slide a bed and install storage, while above, the desk can easily fit.

Let’s also not forget the more original solutions, especially since they are often revisited with cleverness and aesthetic. You will notice for example the great return of the Murphy bed, which is always considered as a fantastic space-saving idea. Folding bulky furniture up against a wall or the ceiling, remains an unbeatable space-saving solution.

More and more architects propose a 2 in 1 solution. Modular and foldaway furniture united create a simple space includes all the practical functions and avoids the accumulation of furniture. In only one custom-made block, we can find a bed, a dressing room, an office area, a kitchen counter. There is always a plan which is tailored to your needs and to the size of your studio. The idea is to group everything to one side and to clear the space on the other.

Our five tips to layout your studio

1- Layout from top to bottom

We generally only think about 3D space and we forget that all volumes are usable. From right to left, as well as from top to bottom.

2- Retro-planning

Be careful, a small area does not necessarily mean speed in carrying out your work. It often takes more time to work on this type of space.

3- Quality

Surfaces being reduced, you can choose high quality raw material and the effect is guaranteed on the outcome of the work: the quality of facilities are more visible in small spaces. This is a real positive.

4- Multi-tasking

Playing on modularity is a real evolution in current furniture arrangements, usually carried out by professionals. However, you can still be inspired by other good ideas that fit your project.

5- Assistance

If you opt for the multi-function block, call a professional who will adapt this solution to your space.

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