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How to find the best vintage pieces


How to find the best vintage pieces

To find a rare pearl in the middle of the flea market stands is a true pleasure. Here are a few rules to follow to ensure you reach a good deal.

Recycling is a responsible way of furnishing your home, therefore it is now very common to decorate an interior by objects found in a second hand store or on an Internet site that sells used items.

The advantage of flea markets is that they are open on Sundays. Bargaining is as much a hobby as a personal approach. You can often find an original object that will distinguish your decor. Major furniture brands offer basic and practical items that can be found in many homes. It is always interesting to mix this furniture with antique or recovered pieces to make your interior more stylish.

Vintage design is very trendy now, so you should be lucky to find furniture and original decoration objects at competitive prices. The items of well-known designers must be signed and are very rarely presented at prices below their true value. Be vigilant: Internet sites and flea markets sometimes offer just simple imitations.

6 tips for a successful day at the flea market:

1 . Preparations

Firstly get information about flea markets and garage sales schedule in your place of residence during holidays or week-ends. If you are really passionate about it, it’s better to plan in advance.

2 . Budget

If you intend to go often to the flea markets, it is important to do prior research on eBay. It will give you an idea of price so that you won’t exceed your budget.

3 . Get up early

Many professionals often do their shopping in the flea markets and garage sales, likewise you should come in the early hours, especially if you are looking for a particular object.

4 . Fill your wallet

Don’t think that you will pay for your purchases by a credit card or with a cheque. Take cash with you, it will also allow you to stick to the budget that you had planned.

5 . Observation

Check carefully the state of the object that you wish to buy; don’t hesitate to handle it and see if it’s working or needs restoration. This can be part of the negotiations.

6 . Negotiation

In flea markets the prices are not displayed so the ideal price is the one that suits both you and the seller. Here, the law of market really takes place, so be ready to negotiate and to move between different stands.

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