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How to choose a fireplace

Nothing can replace the fire offered by fireplaces. Which model to choose: classic, closed or built-in? 10 tips for choosing your fireplace.


Pleasant and useful?

The spectacle is mesmerizing, but we must admit that an open fireplace does not offer optimal performance. As a general rule they barely perform to 15%.


A question of heating

If you like your classic and open fireplaces for their decorative and warm aspects, perfect. But if you need an additional heating source, you need to review your priorities.


Supplementary sources

To truly heat your home with a fireplace, install a closed fireplace. Another solution: to install a built-in fireplace.


Closed fireplace

If you plan to build a fireplace, choose this option. Thanks to a cast iron fireback or fire bricks, 70% of the heat is recovered. Its efficiency and heating capacity also depend on the quality of wood, adjustments, or the upward draft system on the smoke stack.


Built-in fireplace

It transforms the open hearth fireplace into a closed one and it enables the efficiency to be raised from 15 to 70%.



There are different standard sizes of fireplaces and different types of efficiency and power. To help you choose the right fireplace, you can study the stars of the Flamme Verte label which guarantee energy and environmental performance.


What type of fuel?

When we think about fireplaces the first thing that comes to mind is wood which is an economic and ecological heating means. But gas is very convenient to use and has attracted more and more followers. Moreover, ethanol, which has the advantage of being a renewable energy, operates in fireplaces without chimneys.



The interior of the fireplace can be designed on a standard model or a customized one. Nowadays, designed or refined models can be adapt to contemporary interiors, but you can also adapt a closed hearth or insert them into an old fireplace.



If you build your own fireplace, you can choose the material. If you build it in stone, it will remain traditional, to achieve a look that is both classic and contemporary. On the contrary, if you choose a metal fireplace, it will add modernity to your living room.

TIP 10

The right place

Obviously the right place for a fireplace is under in the chimney. But if you build your house, you will have more freedom. A fireplace can be located centrally or at an angle, and it can also be accessed from two rooms when it is located on a partition.


  • Try to find a balance between your needs and your desires. A decorative fireplace is not always as demanding as a fireplace which has a heating role.
  • Remember that you can save money on your energy bill, and you can also benefit from the tax credit for sustainable development.

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