Decoration June 10, 2020

Heating: efficiency and style

Both visually appealing and high-performing, heaters offered by the brand Cinier are unique in their kind.

They are considered more as piece of art than simply useful objects. Stephen, son of the creator, discusses the origins of and strength behind his family business, which was founded in 1975.

1. Tell us in a few words the history of this great success story!

My father, Michel, is an engineer by training and also an artist that has always had a passion for beautiful objects. He managed to mix these two sides of his personality by working on malleable and high-performance materials with the goal of creating unique heating collections that were launched in the early 90s. I joined the company after a few years to manage the international distribution. Finally, my sister joined us 10 years ago to develop exclusive models. Even today my father is making a few models and we are working to offer products at the cutting edge of technology.

2 . In a way, you developed the custom-made aspect for an everyday necessity, heating.

Absolutely, and we never deny it! We offer products made by artisans that can’t be found elsewhere. Our main strength is customization. We don’t manufacture goods in mass production. Instead, we often have to take a simple fabric sample or a lamp and use these items to imagine and design the heater suitable for potential clients who contact us. We equip both homes and boats or even luxury caravans.

3 . From a technical point of view, what are your strengths?

Our heaters are manufactured from Olycale stone, a natural stone that comes from the French Pyrenees. Its radiation is significant and allows the diffusion of quality heating. The heat is very soft and smooth. The pigments which are then used for artistic creation are all natural.

4 . Exactly how do you adapt to meet energy efficiency requirements?

The GREENOR model maximizes low temperature systems such as heat pumps or condensing boilers. These are available in a reversible version and use DC micro fans.

5 . What are the latest trends in terms of style?

Contemporary creations, including heaters which also provide light, are still in style. But in recent years, the Belle Epoque models have also worked very well. These are cast iron radiators made in original molds dating from the early 20th century.


To choose the best heating, define the right size and power, depending on the size of the room, the quality of insulation and the placement of the living area. All of these elements are essential to find the ideal level of comfort.

Then, find the right location.

Finally choose the model that goes best with your home interior style

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