Decoration February 25, 2020

Freshening up for Spring without going overboard


Freshening up for Spring without going overboard

A fresh spring look for your home without falling into the ‘daffodil trap’ – we look at some subtle colors to capture the mood of Spring.

Spring is sprung, and lifted the heart and spirits… and also revealed all those dusty corners and gloomy colors we could happily ignore in the winter months. Time to do something! There’s nothing like the energy of a new season, especially Spring, to inspire a few touches to brighten up your home in a seasonably sympathetic way. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a complete makeover; just a few quick ideas could make all the difference in preserving your Spring-like optimism and fresh outlook. Just one word of warning: the daffodil trap is what we call it when seasonal colors overcome common sense. Not all of us appreciate walking into a room where the walls dazzle and outshine the sun, or having our serenity disturbed by raucous neon pink or screaming lime green throws when we want to relax on the couch. If you need outside entryway ideas, the message is simple: daffodils belong in a vase or out on the porch!

So where to go from here in Springtime? Think of the colors that are both fresh and peaceful; a touch of bright grass green in cushions and pillow covers; cornflower-blue dashes of pottery in the kitchen and bathroom, or fresh new floral curtains can transform a room. If you’re itching to get your hands on a pot of paint, don’t forget that with toning colors, you can paint just one wall to make an impact. For example, a room decorated in mushroom could be livened up for Spring with a wall opposite the window repainted in a very soft apple green, which would zing nicely with some deeper apple green cushions. Keep Spring in mind and go with your heart – and also go with some practical help with a 3D free plan from Homebyme to add inspiration! This opportunity has really transformed the level of professional help available to DIY enthusiasts – playing with some 3D apartment plan software can be almost as much fun as getting hold of a paint pot!

The 5 top tips for Spring

1 . Using Spring energy

Let the inspiration of the season guide you when it comes to color choices; try to keep your options in the range of both fresh and peaceful shades.

2 . Avoiding common pitfalls

Spring-inspired optimists always love a flash of bright color, but keep it to a minimum; don’t be tempted to paint your whole living room a bright daffodil yellow. You’ll regret it.

3 . Springtime for sofas

Thank goodness for throws and cushions! They make the simplest and most effective way to spruce up a color scheme. A new set of cushion covers is always a great investment.

4 . Partial painting

Remember it’s perfectly possible to brighten up a room for Spring by painting only one of the walls; just pick a fresh Spring color that tones with your existing shade: either a contrast or just two shades lighter.

5 . Do your research

Can’t wait to get your hands on a paint roller? Pause long enough to check out some 3D home design software, it will save you many regrets, and it’s all part of the fun!

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