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Essential color and texture trends for 2017


Essential color and texture trends for 2017

For the 2017 colour palette, colour and texture are two sides of the same coin, creating an overall feel.

One of the most dominant kitchen styles of previous years has been the polished or brushed metal finish of appliances. The hard-edged glint of black, grey, or even silver polished metal, or the soft, dove grey, brushed metal sheen were color trends we thought we’d never give up. Little did we realize how much the industrial, clinical look we loved depended not just on the color, but on its combination with a specific texture. Textures for 2017 are changing all that. Keep the same color, but in a matte finish and the mood changes to one of focus, serenity, and an almost Zen-like calm. New texture trends also apply to wood finishes. Cerused wood gives a whole new focus to the beauty of the grain and draws attention from the color or polish, again making one feel more in touch with nature and the simple beauty of a natural material.

In the living room, the jewel tones currently taking designers by storm can have a totally different effect depending on their texture. Picture a set of throws in intense emerald, deep rose, and bright amethyst. Then imagine them in either a soft velour or with the sheen of cool silk. The first could work in a bedroom, but for a living room, the silk adds a touch of sophistication the other lacks. What makes the dramatic difference? The reflection or absorption of light. Light-absorbing materials tend to suck life from a color, whereas light-reflecting materials create intensity. Have fun with this effect yourself by experimenting with color and texture! Remember the added dimension of 3D home design software in your planning, so you can visualize before you commit. The other bonus of a 3D apartment plan or simple free 3D plan is that you pick up inspiration from like-minded enthusiasts, giving your project extra sparkle!

5 tips for 2017 color and texture trends

1 . Color texture combinations

2017 design ideas are all about recognizing the amazing difference a color-texture combination makes. For a Zen-like calm in your kitchen, go for the new matte metallic materials for appliances and see the peaceful, focused results.

2 . Cerused wood focus

For wooden features, flooring, or furnishing, replace highly polished wood finishes with the softer effect of cerused wood where the focus is on the natural grain. This highlights the simplicity of the material and lets its natural beauty speak for itself.

3 . Intense jewel tones

Combine deep jewel tones with a soft velvet or velour for relaxation and warmth in a bedroom. Keep the amethyst, ruby, or emerald for a set of living room throws, but combine with the soft sheen of silk for a more intense effect.

4 . Light reflecting textures

Once you’re aware of the different light reflecting properties of different textures, you can experiment with the various moods that texture combined with color can create. Subtle effects can be achieved by adding a light source to a reflective texture to create a jewel effect.

5 . Turn to visualization

Imagination is a source of inspiration, but you can help the visualization process with free 3D home design software. This will let you play with your ideas and find the perfect match before you head for the shopping mall.

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