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Adopt the Scandinavian style


Adopt the Scandinavian style

Managing a perfect combination aesthetics and comfort, which explains its success over recent years. Let's discover the Scandinavian style!

Durability and functionality, with a touch of audacity

Scandinavian homes are generally smaller than most of those in Europe. Thus the functional and practical aspect is highly important and above all, it’s important to not waste space unnecessarily . Many solutions exist that can make life easier and more comfortable. The problem of space is, however, not limited to Northern European countries. Many urban families face issues regarding lack of space and this is likely to explain why the Scandinavian style has spread as easily as it has in recent years in non Scandinavian coutnries. Large Scandinavian design chains back this style of design which has further helped it gain popularity. Today, basic styles are adapted by integrating them into more personal designs. Among these basics, there are many white and light colors, which are a good way to challenge the long winters and lack of light. Nature is also very present with this type of design, given the style’s emphasis on large openings without curtains, but also thanks to the extensive use of wood. Light colors, are often one of the typical characteristics of Scandinavian style flooring.

The final touch consists of adding organic furniture with clean lines. First created in the 50s, the Scandinavian style belongs to modernism, a style which aims to simplify daily life. The major figures that marked its birth are still popular today, such as Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, Verner Panton and Poul Henningsen … They drew the models and values ​​that still influence the creation of this type of furniture: durability and functionality, with a touch of audacity.

To concoct a Scandinavian style interior follow these five tips. You can then add your own personal touch.

1 . Animal skin

Animal skin is a must and many different styles are avaiable. You can find them at all costs and deco supermarkets offer a variety of models which start from a very low price. Although highly affordable options exist, the quality may not always be the best. You can place animal skin on armchairs, benches, chairs or sofas for the colder seasons.

2 . Lighting control

Natural light is the most important aspect of Scandinavian style. Install light curtains or don’t install curtains at all. Although hanging lights are a classic Scandinavian design, they are always associated with extra light sources. To sum up, multiply and associate all types of light in order to obtain a warm atmosphere at any hour of the day.

3 . Living together

The family is the most important part of the home. Large spaces are shared, children and adults live together in harmony. You can, therefore, set up a children’s corner in the living room, keeping in mind the comfort, practical and aesthetic aspect of it. You should avoid overdoing it, of course, so that your living room doesn’t resemble a playroom.

4 . Icons

Your home should not be cluttered with too many elements, so select some nice furniture and objects. Treat yourself and invest in furniture from the top designers listed above. Investing in only one of these design icons can greatly enhance your decor.

5 . Dominant colors

You can learn to master the basic combination of Scandinavian colors. You have to find the right balance between white, black and sorbet colors, especially for accessories such as posters, cushions, plaids or bedspreads.

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