Interior Design May 13, 2020

Add space to your home with a veranda

Interior Design

Add space to your home with a veranda

A veranda enlarges a home in a harmonious way. It is a natural extension of your interior that offers a new living room. How to emphasize it?

What about a brighter kitchen?! For a long time, the veranda has been the perfect solution to make a kitchen bigger. However, it has found a new youth with the open kitchens trend. Now the cooking space, the dining room and the living area can all benefit. It will both add square meters to your home and make it brighter.

And if we dared open our bedroom on the garden? The question of privacy arises as an obstacle but the view of nature is breathtaking. It brings calm and serenity and today a number of systems are effective enough to ensure complete darkness when we do not want to benefit from the light. The gateway to the garden can be a nice spot to have breakfast in peace, a luxury during sunny days.

Telecommuting is becoming more and more common, and finding the space for an office area is very simple with the installation of a veranda. The light is a real plus for people who work from home.


5 tips to well-managed light in your new veranda

1 . Wellness

Light is important for the health. It regulates mood, has positive effects on morale and especially helps with seasonal depression which strikes in winter. Moreover, it acts positively on growth, concentration, stress and sleep.

2 . During cold and temperate seasons

The sun heats the veranda facade directed towards the south and warms the whole house. Take care to let doors open to circulate heat around the whole home.

3 . During summer

This biothermal use of your veranda continues during the warm season. You should install solar protections because they avoid greenhouse during the day. Regular and roof windows as well as sliding systems promote natural cooling and avoid a rise in energy costs.

4 . The roof

Its role and form are indispensable for thermal insulation. To make the right choice and installation, it’s necessary to distinguish between light management and the isolation.

5 . Protection

Possibilities of installing rolling shutters on the roof, exterior blinds, integrated Venetian blinds or internal blinds with reflective layers should all be explored. A partially glazed roof could be a good solution, especially with the installation of opaque insulating panels. And don’t forget the sound insulation for rainy days!


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