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Colorful grout: the fresh and fun new design idea


Colorful grout: the fresh and fun new design idea

Coloured grout in the walls? You can get a fresh and fun colour contrast to brighten up your kitchen! It's an easy way to change the mood!

What is grout?

It’s the glue that sticks your tiles to the wall or floor and also fills in the gaps between tiles to make the whole surface cleanable and waterproof. In the past, the grouting aim has typically been to match the tile color, to give an overall solid look. But colored grout? The effect is totally opposite: each tile stands out in its colored frame like a little individual artwork. Now, with the colored grout craze that’s sweeping design magazines and hip youngsters’ apartments, it’s definitely time to look at your tile/grout colors with a new eye. There are some great color combinations to try out. Experienced DIY enthusiasts can do tiling from scratch; otherwise, it’s best left to the experts. But anyone can re-grout! Just get the right tool with a carborundum blade and go ahead.

Give a new look to your white kitchen tiles with a bright pink grout; add some gaily colored plastic utensils, and you have a whole new cheerful space. A tiled hallway can give a new welcome atmosphere to the house with dark blue grout around white tiles, or even bright yellow grout around blue tiles. Add some coat pegs and a stool to match the grout, and you have a designer entranceway! The bathroom is the one place you’re guaranteed to have tiles, so you can go to town. How about lime green grout with new towels to match? Or a more subdued violet around pale blue tiles for a beach-house atmosphere. On the floor, the principle is the same, but don’t make people feel dizzy with too much contrast. You really need to visualize how it will look before your start; the impact can be surprising, and in a hall, kitchen or living room floor, contrasting colors certainly make the room look bigger. Check out your ideas with a 3D free plan using 3D home design software from Homebyme; it will help you turn your inspiration into reality!

5 tips for colorful grouting

1 . Research some images

Before you start, do look at some images in magazines or online for an idea of the impact. It’s so different, you may want new tiles altogether! Pick up ideas from the Homebyme community; sharing tips and inspiration is part of the fun.

2 . A brighter kitchen

For white kitchen tiles, your color choice is unlimited. You could achieve a subtle look by matching the color of your cabinets for a coherent designer scheme. Or play with contrasting colors; say a bright pink against pale gray tiles for fresh impact.

3 . Your welcoming hallway

Entrances are they key to the mood of your apartment; a cheerful hallway will raise expectations and set the right tone. Try dark blue grout around white tiles, or a more dramatic mustard yellow if your tiles are blue.

4 . Outline shaped tiles

The colored grout technique looks especially good if you have shaped tiles – either curvy or straight-line geometric. A deep crimson grout can create a sophisticated touch to overlay the hint of playfulness that colored grout brings.

5 . Opening the space

You may be surprised by how different your room looks once each tile is picked out and framed on its own; it will make your space look bigger, but beware of too many color contrasts or clutter in the rest of the furnishings; this is a look that’s easy to over-do.

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