How to choose the right stove

The modern heating is efficient, economic and design. But it is not always easy to choose a type of installation that is on a roll and at the same time innovative. Find out our ten tips that will help you to keep a cool head and to choose the right stove.

Practical guide - 5 November 2015

Tip 1


As for any important daily life equipment, take your time to study all the offers of the market.

Tip 2

Professional help

To make a decision, get help from a professional who will also provide you all the necessary information about the installation. While visiting your home, he will give you the right advice to define the optimal location, the ideal power and the adapted connection system.

Tip 3

Right power

The power of your stove will depend on the size of the room. To be effective, it must operate at full capacity. It is important not to choose a too powerful model that you would use at the lower level, because it can cause the increased consumption and even clog the pipe. Keep in mind these key figures (to adapt according to your insulation): 1kW per 10m2.

Tip 4

Choice of materials

The steel heats up quickly and offers lovely shapes and colors. Lighter than cast iron, it can be installed on the second floor. The cast iron is denser and produces the heat more uniformly. The soapstone is composed of talc, it accumulates easily the heat and slowly returns. It can be combined with steel or cast iron.

Tip 5

Masonry stove

The soapstone offers up to 12 hours of heating for 2 hours of burning. This masonry stove has an unbeatable performance of 90 %.

Tip 6

The ideal yield

This is actually the ratio between energy produced and energy used to heat up the room. For a classic stove, it should be between 65 and 85%. By comparison, a fireplace has the ratio of 15%. ThinkstockPhotos-525385537-resize  

Tip 7


An information not to be neglected: to be eligible for the tax credit, the recovery should be greater than or equal to 70%.

Tip 8

What fuel?

Choose a certified brand for granules. For the logs, choose hardwoods and avoid softwoods. And don’t forget that the green wood will require 2 years to dry!

Tip 9

Briquette and compressed wood

It’s a good solution that facilitates storage and ignition. This type of fuel has a low ash content while offering a very good heating value.

Tip 10

Shapes and colors

The stove can be design or traditional, but there are also many colors to choose. The stove is an integral part of your decoration, do not neglect this aesthetic aspect.

In a nutshell

Choose the model suitable for your environment.

Let the stove be installed by a licensed professional who will ensure compliance with safety rules.

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