Do it yourself: revamp your Ikea furniture

Be it a legacy of your school years or china bought at a bargain price, items of Ikea furniture can in fact have a second life. Here are 10 decorating ideas to change and revamp various pieces.

Practical guide - 5 July 2016

Tip 1

Kitchen islands

For a trendy and practical kitchen island design, screw together 2 or 3 shelves with boxes and cover them with a natural wooden worktop, to add an authentic touch.

Tip 2


As the most basic of the Swedish giant’s items, shelves can take on a whole new dimension. For an industrial type style, repaint them in a grey-brown tone, apply a metallic effect and replace drawer handles with vintage models.

Tip 3


To revamp an outdated dresser (or any low cabinet), start by replacing swing doors with sliding doors, and change the handles before repainting the furniture with a contemporary black varnish or a Scandinavian water green.

Tip 4

TV stands

For an original and practical TV stand, take a simple shelf box, remove its back and lay it on its side. You can then store multimedia devices and knickknacks in every niche.

Tip 5

Platform bed

Perfect for a bedroom design, the platform bed saves important storage space while giving a touch of style to the room. To create one yourself, you simply have to set your bed on a base of cabinets. Secondaire

Tip 6


You can make your own design headboard easily by using two wooden boards interconnected by spice racks. And on the deco side, why not opt ​​for Chesterfield padding, which is both cozy and elegant?

Tip 7

Walk in closet

If your wall unit is no longer trendy in the lounge, it can work wonders in your bedroom, to create a contemporary and tailor made dressing room. Simply add one or two rods to hang your clothes.

Tip 8


Recycle old furniture legs and a wooden board to create a raised space for your desk drawers or reuse drawers from an old chiffonier to create storage space.

Tip 9

Little storage units

Small storage lockers can be used for many purposes. Once screwed together, they can be transformed into a design coffee table, a bedside original or a room divider. Opt for a chic coating, such as coated wood or matt black.

Tip 10


Need functional bathroom furniture? An old kitchen trolley can be transformed into a very beautiful washbasin once you have removed the wheels and repainted it white glaze or pearl gray.

In a nutshell

Make sure furniture is in good condition before you start the transformation.

To customise a piece of Ikea furniture, sand it and apply a specific undercoat before repainting it. Then apply an effect (worn, painted, stained …).

Treat the style with a quality finish: brass or leather handles, moldings etc…

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