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Installing an atrium window!

The atrium window is an architectural element that allows sunlight into the entire room. Here are our 10 tips to find and properly install your ideal model:

Practical guide - 27 January 2016

Tip 1

Classic rooms

We’re used to seeing the atrium window between the dining room and the kitchen. They can also be ideal to create an illuminated office area.

Tip 2


For example, imagine an atrium window in a master suite between the bedroom and the bathroom. Even more atypical, in a child’s bedroom in order to divide it and to bring brightness into the room.

Tip 3


You have to choose between an atrium window with or without base. It contains 100% recyclable steel which is environmentally neutral material. The finishing can be either gloss or satin.

Tip 4


The steel must be protected against corrosion with varnish if you wish to keep the natural look or by painting it to give it a different type of style.

Tip 5


Regarding the glass, there are different options which are either transparent or opaque. For closures, several possibilities: sliding or “à la française” (by magnet or by lock)

Tip 6


Metalworkers and mirror specialists can offer perfect solutions which meet your exact needs and demands.

Tip 7


By choosing a standard model, you reduce the budget for your project, but you should be careful and entrust its installation to a professional.

Tip 8

Be careful

When choosing a professional to help you in your project, be careful to choose someone who knows how to immobilize the glass against the framework, which is essential for safety and aesthetics.

Tip 9

Take measurements

This step is crucial. If the specified dimensions are not correct, the professional won’t be able to install your atrium window. Give the measures in millimeters and check the width and height three times. You must also provide the thickness of your wall. Be aware that it must be at least 30 millimeters.

Tip 10


Some well-known brands sell some ready-to-install atrium windows. And if you ‘re a fan of DIY , you can watch tutorials to build one with cement tiles, wooden sticks and glass plates that you have to assemble and cut by yourself.

In a nutshell

It is very important to choose laminated glass for safety reasons.

The atrium window, which lets the light in, is particularly suitable for small blind rooms.

The price for an atrium window of 1.50m on 2.50m starts at around 2000 euros.

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