Winter is coming: it’s time to cozy up your home

Guess you know the drill: November arrived, bringing with him short days, chilly weather and winter blues. Not anymore! We found plenty of great ways to remedy this blues and to renew your energy: transform your home into a cozy, warm and welcoming cocoon for Christmas! You really don’t need much to turn your interior into a home sweet home.  So grab your plaid, curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and follow our 5 tips!

noel 1


 1. Warm up the atmosphere with candles :

The first, smallest but still most effective change you can make to bring warmth to your room is to add scented candles. Snuggle down through the long dark winter nights with Roasting chestnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet orange and musky cloves scents. Plus, candles will make your room appear tinier and more inviting. You can find inspiration over there:

noel candles


2. Add white fluffy pillows in the living room

Pile up armchairs and sofas with big and cuddly pillows in a pseudo-neglected way. Preferably chose linen colors to bring sweetness to your interior or chose pure white colors to catch the winter sunlight. Volume is essential to soften a room and to make it appear more welcoming. We’re pretty sure everybody will want to sink into your collection of fluffy pillows.

noel knit


3. Drap a big chunky knit blanket or a fur throw over the beds. 

Once again, decorate simply but efficiently. You don’t have to accumulate lots of pillows over your bed, just put one knit blankets or one fur throw over your bed. It will immediately add softness to your bedroom and will make it a more pleasant place to hunker down.

noel pillows


4. Set your mood for Christmas adding a Door Wreath  

Hanging a Wreath to your door will immediately turn your home a more welcoming place. It’s the first thing you see before you step foot into your home. So dazzle yourself and chose the wreath that best suits to your image of Christmas: put around a simple wreath holly branches,  pine cones, glitters, colorful orbs or fabric scraps in Christmas’ colors.

Noel wreath


5. Add shots of dark, red, green and gold colors to your interior

Finish your home’s transformation for Christmas adding red, dark green and gold accessories such as candle burners, candy cane jars, glittering stars or Christmas stockings to your living room. But keep it simple, don’t accumulate too much ornaments or you might have a Christmas’ overdose.



Your home is now ready for Winter! 🙂