Introducing Pinterest for your home design ideas!

You’ve probably heard about Pinterest. It’s the latest trendy social network and we love it! Pinterest is the contraction of the word “Pin” and the word “Interest”. You can pin anything that you love on a “board”, from pictures of your dream houses to your favorite videos. Pretty nice don’t you think?


HomeByMe has launched its Pinterest moodboards a few months ago. From our favorite bathrooms board to our seasonal moodboards, you’ll find everything we love in just one click.

If you are new to Pinterest, here are some tricks on how to create inspirational boards for your home.

Your home may have three, four or five rooms… We suggest that first of all you don’t break your boards up into different rooms. Just start with two or three rooms to get a real perspective as to what you want your home to look like.

Second of all, start pinning! Search the web or search on Pinterest for the best decorating ideas for the three boards you created. You’ll discover pretty soon that Pinterest is a never-ending source of inspiration.

Pinterest HomeByMe

As to how many pins you should add to a moodboard? Well there is no right answer, but we suggest adding around 20 pins to your boards and if your board is full, just replace some of your images instead of creating a second similar board.

Why keep items that you have pinned a year ago if you find something that you love even more?

Finally if you’re looking for some decorating ideas, here are some boards you should follow:

Home Depot:

Apartment Therapy:

Ugly Duckling DIY:

Home Deco Design: