Trick or Treat?

Hey, look at what we have done with your projects! We transformed them into spooky and creepy haunted houses!

Will you find Freddy the skeleton  hidden in each picture?

Just a friendly advice: keep your eyes wide open Saturday night, especially before going to bed, we never know what can happen… Brrr!

Halloween red room





9 autumn interior designs in 3D

Autumn is the best time to pay more attention to your home and to change its decor. To create a warm and cozy interior, play with textures, cushions and throws. Prefer soft lights and candles. Remember also that plants can bring a green touch to your home, so necessary when it is raining outside. Finally, do not hesitate to add a nice carpet that can completely change the look of your room! We have selected these nine 100% autumn interiors created on HomeByMe by our users to give you more inspiration.

American-Dream - Photosecosse
American-Dream – Photosecosse

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10 Kitchens – which is your favorite?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home – and one of the hardest to design. It’s used so much that it’s necessary for it to look fabulous and function beautifully. Here are ten of your kitchen projects that do a great job with the space they have. Each kitchen is labeled with a general type of layout. Check out the HomeByMe Academy article (link at the end) to get more information on each style.

Single wall with a counter – this is an interesting example which has the sink in an alcove at the end of the room with a nice window right over it.

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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