Learning lasts a lifetime

There’s always something new we want to try. We’re eager to learn all about it so we can enjoy it even more. Starting as babies we learn an incredible variety of things that help make a happy life.

Learning is so much fun and is so important that we have special places for learning. Schools of all types, from flying a hang glider to learning about the universe, help us learn what we want to know. Libraries are still central to our learning habits as they adapt and provide multiple ways of learning. Online schools and libraries are almost endless. A single search in our favorite browser is learning too!

Here are nine of the best places to learn created by you, the Homebyme community. Take a close look and maybe you’ll be inspired to learn something completely new!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
CLASSE EMS by Rubmar31

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My dream creative studio

This is my dream studio, out on a country road where I can open the windows and hear the crickets. Designed with Prairie and Usonian influences in mind, it is intended to blend into the landscape in color and form. I started with the colors of the surrounding environment and based my palette on their warm and natural tones.

The majority of my photography is of cars and is done outdoors, so I have only a small studio space devoted to indoor photography. Computer image editing, printing and storing finished pieces are the primary activities. There are also several areas devoted to relaxing and even staying overnight during the long pushes to complete a project. And, of course, there’s enough wall space to show my work too. It’s fun to dream!

Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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Ensure equal access – use the adjustable Homebyme wheelchair

The most important reason to create your projects using Homebyme is the ability to easily see how people use and respond to the spaces and furnishings around them. As the world pays more attention to the needs of individuals using wheelchairs, new international, national and local personal mobility laws are being written and enforced to improve the quality of life for everyone. The United Nations has devoted extensive time and effort to develop guidelines for determining personal mobility regulations around the world. We are all one people in our need to move about and live our lives.

Now you can easily include design solutions for people using wheelchairs in your projects all over the world with the Homebyme wheelchair that you can adjust to meet local standards.



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