How I Met Your Mother’s apartment in 3D!

Dear How I Met Your Mother’s fans and HomeByMe followers !

Like many of you, our HomeByMe team was a big fan of HIMYM. We’ve been feeling nostalgic since the show ended in April with the revelation of how Ted met his wife. Since then Ted’s apartment has turned into a desperately empty place. Just look at it :


Don’t you feel sad at looking at that empty room? Personally we do. We wanted this apartment to live again, because that’s where Robin, Ted, Lily, Marshall and Barney met and lived every day for 9 years. Thus, we decided to bring it back to life. It’s a good way to say goodbye to one of the most loved group of friends on TV!


Here is the flat we entirely recreated from the show thanks to our home design tool: HOMEBYME.




The apartment is currently decorated as it was when Ted, Lily and Marshall lived there, but feel free to redecorate it by copying the project in HomeByMe.

As for us we actually designed Ted’s apartment in 3 simple steps :



1)    Download the plan and design the walls and windows


First of all we downloaded Ted’s floorplan designed by artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde and built the walls following the lines drawn on the plan. That’s something very easy to do. If you want to do it with your own house, just download your floor plan in HomeByMe, then set it properly to the right scale and begin building the walls.

Here is the original 2D plan :


The plan appears in transparency  to help you put furniture in the right places :


plan transparence himym

2)    Choose the colors of the walls and place the furniture


We looked at many episodes of HIMYM (honestly this was a very nice task)  in order to recreate the atmosphere and the design of the flat. Actually, we realized Ted had always lived in a big mess! Thanks to the very large choice of accessories available in HomeByMe we managed to recreate that mess quite well :).

Here’s a view of the living room with Lily reading on the couch :


salon himym


3)    Design every room using the available HomeByMe catalog


Here’s the very helpful tab that appears to help you furnish each room with its own specific accessories and appliances :




Here are the renderings of the main rooms we made :


Ted’s bedroom

ted's bedroom

The bathroom (without the goat)


himym bathroom

Ted’s office


 ted office

The Kitchen


cuisine himym2


The living room


livingroom himym

Do you like it ? We had a lot of fun recreating Ted’s apartment, and we hope you’ll enjoy visiting it directly on our website thanks to the WebGL option. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on Facebook , and to follow us on Twitter.


Have fun taking a 3D walk in the flat ! Embody Ted Mosby and become an architect, for the first time! After all, Barney clearly said it : architects are hot.


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