HomeByYou : discover the Before & After of this old farmhouse

Today, Virginie tells us how she used HomeByMe to make her dream come true: transforming an old farmhouse into a warm guesthouse. A complete renovation that required 2 years of work and many workers to achieve this exceptional result!

How did your project start?

I have always dreamt about buying a house in my native village, in Portugal. When I saw this property for sale, just in front of the house I grew up, I knew that it was made for me! However, at the first visit, I almost turned back because of the serious house damages. But I choose to follow my dream, and thanks to all my team we manage to completely transform it!

What work did you do?

It was a very old and abandoned farmhouse then we’ve only kept the 4 outer walls, everything else has been destroyed and rebuilt. We had to make a new roof, the floor, all the plumbing, electricity, and so on.

It was a huge  job. It was stressful sometimes, but we’ve found few pretty surprises like this original stone wall that we discovered by breaking the coating that hid it. It wasn’t planned but this wall brought so much character to the house that we decided to keep it.

How has HomeByMe helped you in your project?

This is so hard to visualize how your house is going to be! Especially when the work scale is so phenomenal. It was a real ruin at first: it was necessary to completely rethink the floorplan of the house, imagine a floor, new dividing walls and I couldn’t reach to imagine the final result. Drawing my future home with HomeByMe really reassure myself and help me keep going more serenely into this renovation project.

Most of the year, the house is rented for tourists. So I have integrated the 3D overview of the project in the announcement in order to help travelers to better project how their future home for holidays looks like. They really appreciate being able to discover the house in “preview” 😉

To discover Virginie’s project, it’s right there !