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At first glance, the bedroom seems the simplest room to design, with a singular purpose it almost designs itself! But it is actually one of the easiest to make mistakes with, and one of the hardest to correct. Hello everyone! In this last part of this series I’ll share what I have learned from designing a bedroom in my recently renovated home.

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Forget what you think you know

As an mental exercise I want you to think of everything you do in the bedroom that is not on the bed. Folding laundry? Preparing for that important dinner? Perhaps you usually dash in at the last minute for that all important forgotten thing? These are the little details you want to keep in mind along with the all important look, color and feel considerations for your furniture.

In my case, I let my wife pick the frame and together we picked the mattress and pillows. When the frame arrived, it took 2 very large guys and multiple trips to get it into the apartment! This bed was HUGE! For a while I had to get a stool for my wife to get on the bed! I immediately wanted to give permission to my inner voice and proclaim to my wife that this was a bad choice, but over time, I understood the value of a tall bed when doing chores like Laundry or sorting for a trip.

The thought of doing laundry as a main consideration for buying a bed is and should be alien to all of us. But I just want you to think about what you can do on the bed, not just in it.



Dark things in the dark hurt

This is a very important lesson I learned very quickly, as it is reinforced in a spectacular fashion. Our floor is a dark cherry tone, our furniture is chocolate color, and guess what happens when you are walking around in the dark? Yeah, spectacular! Multi-purpose furniture, hopefully with storage built in is key to keeping the pathways to the bathroom / kitchen clear of exclamation producing bumps in the night.

One of the solutions we came up with was contrasting linens and wall color. This helps us distinguish shapes quickly no matter the lighting conditions.

As I mentioned wall color, I wanted to briefly cover a very important point. Before settling on a wall color, make sure you see it in a Sunlit condition as well as lit by room lights and in the dark. Tone and color will change through out the day, and sometimes drastically.  We spent 2 months going over wall color choices, viewing them in all light levels before deciding on the final choices.


Due to mysterious circumstances I somehow agreed to give over all closet space to my wife.  To this day I’m not sure how this happened, but as such I have little experience with the Master Bedroom closet or it’s particular needs above the undecypherable organizational system.  But I can say, leave room for growth!  If your old stuff fills up the closet, you will quickly be accusing each other of being hoarders!  As life marches on new things come into our lives and it is always a healthier option to have sufficient space for them ahead of time!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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